The Top Five Home Renovation Myths –  Debunked

October 30, 2018 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

The Top Five Home Renovation Myths –  Debunked


Think you know all there is to know about home improvement? Think again! Several common misconceptions around home renovations are now widely thought to be true. Before you take the leap into any home improvement project, educate yourself.  Below are our top home renovation myths – debunked!

DIY is Cheaper

You may think “I can do it for a lot less than a contractor would charge!” While this statement appears true at first glance, it’s important to keep in mind all of the costs associated with a project. First, a contractor can almost always purchase supplies and materials for less than his (or her!) clients. Also, a contractor is a true expert and will almost always do the job properly the first time (trust us, we’ve seen many homeowners have to redo DIY projects or hire a contractor do to them the right way!). Perhaps most importantly, you’re likely not taking into account the value of your time when doing a DIY project. How much are your evenings and weekends really worth to you and your family? It may make a lot more sense to hire a professional and keep your precious time free (and sanity intact).

Permits are Optional

You may think “My project is so small, it can’t possibly require a permit.” Think again! Always contact your local jurisdiction to see if your planned improvements require a permit. If you take a chance and undertake home improvements without the proper permits, you could face steep fines or even have to undo the work! Yes, having to get the necessary permits can slow the process but less so than if you’re forced to undo the work at a later point. Remember: unpermitted work is also a major red flag for buyers and can even be a dealbreaker.

I’ll Recoup All of the Money When I Sell

A splashy $100,000 kitchen does not automatically equate to a $100,000 higher list price when you sell your home. Not everyone values a top of the line kitchen equally; nor will most buyer share your tastes. Those top of the line chef’s appliances you had to have or blue cabinetry will not necessarily have broad appeal. That’s not to say you should not create the kitchen of your dreams when remodeling. Just don’t expect to entirely recoup your investment. 

The (FILL IN THE BLANK) Contractor is the Best

Don’t automatically assume the cheapest bid or that the company with the slickest marketing materials is the best choice for your home renovation project. The best way to find a trusted contractor for your project is to ask friends and professionals (like your Realtor!) for recommendations. Do you love the design of your favorite restaurant? Ask who did the project! If you’re not able to get recommendations, be sure to ask any contractors you interview for at least two references to call.

I Must Follow The Latest Design Trends

While it seems that all of America has fallen in love with the farmhouse look, don’t feel that you have to follow this (or any) hot trend. In a couple of years, these trends will look dated and far less appealing. Stick to classic choices with broad appeal for a timeless look that will retain its value.


The Bottom Line

It’s not always cheaper to do home improvements yourself! Get some solid recommendations for contractors and be sure to secure the necessary permits. Don’t hesitate to create your dream home but don’t expect to fully recoup your renovation costs, especially if your design choices are very personal or trendy.


Need advice on making improvements to your home? Please reach out! We are always happy to discuss what you have in mind and advise on the best route to take. We can also provide recommendations for top-notch vendors for just about any project.

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