There are a lot of steps to buying a house in the DC Metro area, and sometimes just thinking about the process can feel overwhelming. When you choose a reputable real estate team who not only has the skills, but also the heart for you and your community, it takes away the stress and allows for the best parts of the home buying experience to shine through.

A lifetime of community insight, and over 20 years of real estate expertise: that’s The Goodhart Group advantage. Put it to work for you.

We all have experience buying and selling real estate in the DC Metro Area, but it’s really a combination of our values, expertise, and history in the community that sets us apart. Here’s the steps to buying a house with The Goodhart Group, because when you work with us, you get so much more than just a house.

Our Dedicated Real Estate Team

The Goodhart Group is just that: a group. Our approach isn’t just about the number of agents we have, it’s what we can do for you together. With a full team, we’re available seven days a week, and are always ready to show you homes available for sale. We’re there to answer any questions from you and all potential home buyers with prompt response.

Better yet, we collectively have decades of real estate experience and first-hand knowledge of the Washington, DC area. With so many perspectives and skills, you’re always getting top of the line service. When you’re buying a house or condo, we have a unique approach to go beyond what’s in the MLS to find what you need. We think outside the box and hustle to get there before anyone else.

Our Trusted Real Estate Network

We believe in working together; not just within our own team, but also with the community and other agents. We have a strong lender, inspector, title company, home improvement, and construction connections that we recommend to our clients, so they can rest assured that they’re in good hands throughout the steps to buying a house in the DC Metro Area

The Goodhart Group has an excellent reputation in the area, and maintains great relationships with others in the industry. We work with a trusted network of other real estate agents to see what’s coming on the market before it hits, something that a lot of other agents don’t do.

Our Knowledge of Washington DC & Alexandria

We’ve lived in the Washington, DC area for over 30 years, and have been in the local real estate game for almost just as long. Our knowledge of the local communities goes beyond just knowing what houses are for sale. We know the neighborhood history, the most reputable schools, the local cafes with the best lattes, and what homes in the area have sold for in the past; all giving you an even greater understanding of what you’ll get when you’re buying a house.

You can’t get a true feel for a community just by going to an open house–and community is everything! That’s why we plan Neighborhood Orientation Tours. We tour different neighborhoods with prospective buyers so they can see where they would love to live. We’ll stop for a coffee or grab a bite to eat at a nearby shop, see what the commute to work would be like, and chat about it all while the kids play at a local park. It’s a win-win for everyone, and gives you a taste for your soon-to-be everyday life. Want a neighborhood orientation tour? Let’s go!

Thinking about buying? Want to talk about the steps to buying a house? Let’s meet for a Buyer’s Consultation. Book it here!