When you choose a reputable team who not only have the skills, but the heart for you and your community, it takes away the stress and allows for the best parts of the home buying experience to shine through.

The Goodhart Group’s Buying Experience

When you work with us, you get so much more than just a home.

You’ll receive a lifetime of community insight and decades of real estate expertise. We all have experience buying and selling real estate in Alexandria and the DC Metro Area, but it’s really a combination of our values, expertise, and history in the community that sets us apart.

Here’s what you get when you begin the home buying process with us:

A Dedicated Team

Featuring a full team, we’re available seven days a week and are always ready to show you homes. When you’re buying a house or condo in Alexandria or D.C., we have a unique approach to go beyond what’s in the MLS to find what you need. We think outside the box and hustle to get there before anyone else.

Trusted Networking Skills

We believe in working together; not just within our own team, but also with the community and other agents. We have a strong lender, inspector, title company, home improvement, and construction connections that we recommend to our clients, so they can rest assured that they’re in good hands throughout the steps to buying a home in Alexandria and the DC Metro Area.

A Sterling Reputation

The Goodhart Group has an excellent reputation in the area, and maintains great relationships with others in the industry. We work with a trusted network of other real estate agents to see what’s coming on the market before it hits, something that a lot of other agents don’t do.

Our Area Insight

We know the neighborhood history, the most reputable schools, the local cafes with the best lattes, and what homes in the area have sold for in the past; all giving you an even greater understanding of what you’ll get when you’re buying a house.

Our Home Buying Process

The home buying process isn’t black and white. It changes depending on the client’s situation, finances, and needs.

We get that, and that’s why we take a specialized approach to every kind of buying experience, whether you’re looking to upsize, downsize, or anything in between. How to buy a house in Alexandria and the Washington, DC Metro Area will change depending on your circumstances.

Our specialized team meets you where you are, no matter your life stage or circumstance, and guides you the rest of the way. Here are the steps:

Prepare To Purchase

Find a loan that fits your needs and get pre-approved for a mortgage. We can help you put together your finances, but this is truly where it all begins if you want to purchase with confidence.

Searching & Negotiating

We’ll help search for a property you’ll love in a community that reflects your lifestyle. Then, we’ll advocate on your behalf and negotiate the contract to get you the best terms and price at the right time.

Closing Guidance

From there, we will work to complete the home inspection and negotiate the inspection items. During the loan and appraisal process, we’ll guide you through any concerns and questions that you have.

Time To Move!

We can help you find the right mover, so you can make a smooth transition to the next stage of your life. Then, we’ll perform the final walk through and finalize the sale.

We’ll then stay in touch with you after you’re settled, and connect you with our trusted team of professionals for any additional help you need with your home or settling into your new lifestyle.

Of course, we will also be here as your trusted advisors for all things real estate for years to come!

Buying For Any Situation

We know that the buying process can look different for everyone, which is why we specialize in whatever life has thrown your way.

If you’re buying based on unique needs, we want to share with you how we can help:

Buying a house in a new area can be scary; it’s hard to know what community and real estate team to choose.

Whether you’re coming to the DC area from another city, or moving within the metro area, our team offers a comprehensive relocation plan, including our Neighborhood Orientation Tours.

Moving to a bigger house usually means exciting things are happening in life.

We’ll walk you through the process of purchasing a new, larger home while also selling your current home. It’s a tricky process, but we can always help. Check out our guide on Moving Up Buying here.

There’s more to downsizing than just scaling down the square feet. We’ll make it easy to sell your larger house by helping you decide what to take, showing you how to get rid of the rest, and finding you a new home that better suits your current lifestyle. If you’re looking into downsizing, check out our guide here.

If you’ve never been through the process, it can seem pretty intimidating.

Yes, it’s one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, but it’s also a very rewarding experience.

Our team has an orientation to the ownership and home buying process, so you’re well prepared before you even start the process of buying your first home. If you’re a first time buyer, check out our guide here.

When you’re looking for an investment property, you need a team that knows the past, present, and future of the area.

And, while nothing is written in stone, we’ll help you run numbers and decide what the best return on your money will be.