am I a hoarder

Am I a Hoarder?

January 7, 2017 | Love Where You Live | By: Sue

A few months ago, my daughter mentioned (kiddingly) that my wonderful and very orderly, CPA son-in-law thought that I might be a hoarder (along with my husband). I scoffed. After all, I walk through clients’ homes all of the time, telling them that they have to get rid of “stuff.” If you walk into my home, the counters are pretty clear and there isn’t much sitting around. But I have to admit that when you get into the closets, drawers and lord forbid, my garage, there is a lot of unnecessary “stuff.”

Now, my excuse is that I’m a busy professional woman (not a hoarder!). I just don’t have time to have perfect drawers. Very often given my life as a Realtor, I have to open closets and drawers to see the space. I secretly love when our clients are as busy as I am and have “stuff” thrown in any which way like those promotional pens, matches and the like – even though I have to tell them to get it cleaned up to go on the market!

However, given the subtle dig, I decided that my drawers were too full. Every cupboard held too much stuff. So for 2017, I’m on a mission to clean out drawers. Every day, I’m trying to clean another one. The good news is that my cleaning lady, God bless her, is willing to take anything I send her way. I hope she is making money on it at a flea market! I have also cleaned out the closets of coats and winter wear for the office winter clothing drive. There are still more trash bags full of things nobody will want. In a house where I could never find a working pen, I have found at least fifty (those I keep!).

Want to know the really sad part? I open the drawer I cleaned two days before to inspect with pride, and guess what? There is STILL too much stuff. It will have to wait until next year because I have too many other drawers, crevices, and hidey holes yet to purge. I expect my cleaning frenzy will last until about end of January, when the real estate market will start to gear up again and my energy level for wrestling with too much stuff per drawer will dim.

And so it goes…..accumulating, storing, purging. A sad testament to a culture that constantly provides opportunity for gathering needless things. My goal for the rest of the year will be to not have the word hoarder associated with my good name!

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