Choose a Cleaning Service

How to Choose a Cleaning Service

November 18, 2019 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

How to Choose a Cleaning Service

If you’re in the market for a cleaning service, this article is for you. While choosing a cleaning service may not seem like a major life decision, there are many important factors to consider to protect your home and possessions. Allow us to share our best tips on how to choose a cleaning service.

How to Choose a Cleaning Service

  • Referrals are always great! As with any major purchase or vendor, seek out cleaning service recommendations from friends and family. The process will be much smoother if you start with some known entities.
  • Interview several cleaning services before choosing one. Even if all of your friends use the same cleaning service, find another one or two to interview so that you can have a basis for comparison.
  • Ask if they are licensed, bonded, and insured (for more on what exactly this means, click here. Ask if the company does background checks on its employees. While not a dealbreaker, you will likely have greater peace of mind if they do. Also, ask if they provide worker’s compensation coverage for their employees.
  • Rates for house cleaning services can vary widely Do they charge by the job or by the hour? Can you get a better price by booking them more frequently?
  • Are they green (ask if that’s important to you). For more on what it means to be a green cleaning service, click here.
  • Confirm the company’s terms of service, how they want to be paid, cancellation policy, etc. Also, be sure to ask what happens if the cleaners break something or what the company will do if you’re not pleased with the service — what’s your recourse?

Once you’ve hired a service…

  • Establish very clear expectations. Designate areas of your home you want to be cleaned (or skipped) every visit. If you prefer they clean your home in a certain order, say so. If you don’t want certain products used (bleach, for example), now’s the time to speak up.
  • Point out any areas that need extra attention during their visits (think a guest suite after visitors).
  • Inquire if they will use their own cleaning supplies and products or if you have to purchase them. If the latter, ask if they have specific products they want you to provide.
  • Confirm how the cleaners will access your home (will they receive a key or access code (link to smart home) or will a family member meet them to allow them access?). Ask what you should do with your pets while they’re cleaning the house.
  • Prepare your home for cleaning day. While you don’t need to go crazy before the cleaners arrive, the general rule of thumb is that homeowners should put away dirty dishes, pick up clutter, and clear off bathroom vanities.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a cleaning service, you are hiring people you must be able to trust unsupervised in your home and to care for your belongings. Don’t rush to choose a cleaning service. Ask for recommendations, interview several different services, asking lots of detailed questions. Establish clear expectations — on both ends — before you sign on the dotted line.

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