Converting a Garage into Living Space

Making Room for Mom (AKA Converting a Garage into Living Space and Other Ways to Add a Bedroom)

We all know life is full of surprises. One of the most common scenarios is when a family suddenly needs an extra bedroom in their home.

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Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Alexandria

The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Alexandria

Having kids doesn’t mean you’re destined to eat in Chuck E Cheese and McDonalds until they go off to college! We’re fortunate to live in Alexandria, home to several fabulous restaurants that

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Selling a Home with Kids

Selling a Home Where Kids Still Roam: Our Top Tips

Selling a home always creates a fair amount of stress for our clients. Even the smoothest of transactions can cause some anxious moments. Throw children into the equation and look out!

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home office essentials

Home Office Essentials: Our Top Five

These days, an ever-increasing number of people work from home, if not regularly, at least a couple of days a week. Home offices are almost a “must” for today’s buyers.

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Mistakes Sellers Make

The Top 17 Mistakes Sellers Make

In my 25+ years selling real estate, I’ve seen almost everything! My best advice to people selling their home is to hire a great Realtor and follow their advice. When I counsel my own clients,…

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Finding Childcare in Alexandria

Finding Childcare in Alexandria – and Beyond

Congratulations! You’re expecting! Enjoy this special time. Time to start thinking of names, choosing a theme for the nursery, and oh yes, look for childcare.

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antique stores in Alexandria

The Best Antique Stores in Alexandria

The City of Alexandria dates its history to the mid-17th century. With this long and rich past, it’s no surprise that the city is home to countless antique stores that celebrate its rich history.

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Stroller-friendly Restaurants in Alexandria

The Best Stroller-Friendly Restaurants in Alexandria

If you have a stroller-bound little one, don’t think you’re restricted to eat in kid-friendly restaurants! Alexandria is home to countless stroller-friendly restaurants...

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