Home Design Trends

Home Design Trends for 2019

Home Design Trends for 2019 New year, new designs! 2019 is serving up some interesting new home design trends, from style to color to materials. We have searched countless articles, talked to designers, and researched…

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Graphene: What You Need to Know

Graphene. Never heard of it? We hadn’t either!

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fire safety

Fire Safety – October Tip of The Month

October is Fire Prevention Month. Follow our tips for fire safety so your home is as fire-proof as possible and safe for you and your family all year.

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home renovation myths

The Top Five Home Renovation Myths –  Debunked

Think you know all there is to know about home improvement? Think again! Here are our top home renovation myths - debunked!

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Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

Cleaning the exterior of your home is not something most homeowners give much thought. But it’s so important to not only keep your house looking its best, but to prevent pesky problems like algae growth…

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist 2018

Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the colder months ahead. Taking a few simple steps now will save you from dealing with major hassles later!

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Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane: 11 Top Tips | The Goodhart Group

Preparing for a Hurricane

Preparing for a hurricane? We've got your covered. As you’ve probably gathered, the southeastern coast of the U.S. is bracing for Hurricane Florence.

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cosmetic fixes to make to your home

The Top Ten Cosmetic Fixes to Make to Your Home 

The Top Ten Cosmetic Fixes to Make to Your Home    The question I hear most often from homeowners is “What can I do to improve my home – without a lot of expense?” The…

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