Updating a Townhome for Sale with Pets

June 19, 2023 | Client Case Study | By: The Goodhart Group

The Client

Our clients, we’ll call them John and Susan, had been living in their townhome for several years with their two large dogs. As they prepared to sell their home and move to a larger property, they realized that their pets had taken a toll on the interior of the home. The floors were scratched and worn, and the walls were scuffed and in need of a fresh coat of paint. They wanted to update the property to appeal to potential buyers, but also needed to find a way to accommodate their dogs during the renovation process.

The Problem

John and Susan had a few challenges to overcome in order to get their townhome ready for sale. Firstly, they had two large dogs that needed to be accommodated during the renovation process. Secondly, they wanted to ensure that the property was updated quickly and efficiently, so that they could get it on the market and sell it as soon as possible. Finally, they needed to find a way to update the property while still being cost-effective.

How We Helped

John and Susan approached us for help with updating their townhome for sale. We understood the challenges they faced and suggested that they consider moving to an Airbnb temporarily while the work was being done. This way, their dogs could be accommodated and they could stay close to their property.

We quickly organized contractors to update the property, including refinishing the floors and painting the walls. We also arranged for storage of their furniture and belongings while the work was being done.

The contractors worked efficiently and were able to complete the renovations in a short period of time, allowing John and Susan to move back in and get the property on the market.

End Result

Thanks to the efficient and cost-effective work done by our team, John and Susan’s townhome was updated and ready to sell quickly. The updated floors and walls helped to improve the property’s overall appearance and appeal to potential buyers.

Despite the challenges of accommodating their pets during the renovation process, John and Susan were thrilled with the outcome. They were especially pleased with the quick turnaround time and the affordable costs of the project.

Their townhome was listed for sale and quickly received an offer. The final sale price exceeded their expectations, and they were able to move into their new home with ease.


At the end of the day, we were able to provide a comprehensive solution for John and Susan’s needs. We understood the unique challenges they faced with their pets and were able to accommodate them throughout the renovation process. The result was a beautifully updated property that was ready to sell quickly and efficiently.