Case Study: Transforming an Out-of-State Seller’s Home for a Successful Sale

March 10, 2024 | Client Case Study | By: The Goodhart Group

Selling a home from out of state can be a daunting task, however, with the right team and strategy in place, it’s possible to turn a property in need of some work into a show-stopping listing. Read on to learn how our team helped transform this Del Ray home that was left in our capable hands by an out-of-state seller, and how a few minor updates led to a successful sale.


Our team was entrusted with the sale of a Del Ray townhome by a seller who had relocated out of state. The property needed some attention to make it market-ready. With the seller’s confidence in our expertise, we took on the challenge of preparing the home for a successful sale.

Assessment and Planning:

Upon our initial assessment, it was clear that the home needed some tender loving care to bring out its true potential. The exterior of the house, while in good condition, was showing signs of wear through overgrown landscaping, and dirty windows. Inside, the home lacked the welcoming ambiance that buyers look for.

Transformation Process:

Our first step was to address the exterior of the home. We coordinated a team to perform power washing and landscaping. The house regained its curb appeal and stood out in the neighborhood. Clean windows and a well-maintained exterior immediately made a positive first impression on potential buyers.

Moving inside, and to make the home more “revived”, we focused on addressing cosmetic upgrades. The kitchen cabinets needed painting and a row of cabinets that hung from the ceiling made the kitchen area feel cut off from the dining room. We removed the hanging cabinets and painted the rest for a fresh look. Since there was a large rambunctious dog who had lived there a coat of paint throughout the house worked wonders. We brought in a professional cleaning crew to ensure every corner of the home sparkled. With the space cleared and cleaned, we proceeded to stage the home to showcase its full potential. Thoughtfully placed furniture, decor, and strategic lighting transformed the interior into a welcoming and inviting space.

Marketing and Sale:

With the home looking its best, we leveraged Compass’s marketing resources to create a compelling listing. Professional photography highlighted the home’s transformation, capturing the attention of potential buyers online. Our strategic marketing efforts, including targeted social media campaigns and open houses, were able to generate interest in the property and get it sold.


The seller was delighted with the outcome! The successful sale not only showcased the potential of the home but also demonstrated the value of professional expertise in real estate.

The Bottom Line:

The case of this out-of-state seller’s home serves as a testament to the power of strategic updates and staging in the real estate market. With the seller’s trust and our team’s dedication, we were able to turn the property into a sought-after listing. At The Goodhart Group, we take pride in delivering exceptional results for our clients, no matter the circumstances.


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