Client Case Study: A Remarkable Transformation – The Success Story of a Home in Seminary Ridge

September 7, 2023 | Client Case Study | By: The Goodhart Group

Read along below to find out how we helped our seller get a bigger return with just a few simple pre-market updates to this listing. 


Before the Transformation:

Upon our initial review, it was evident that this property, although nestled in the desirable Seminary Ridge neighborhood, needed a couple of small updates to reach its fullest potential on the market. 

Interior: The walls bore the marks of time with faded paint and occasional scuffs. Wallpaper added decades ago adorned the walls of many rooms. The carpet looked drab or in the basement was too dark in color. Lighting lacked the modern touch today’s potential buyers desire.

Staging: The rooms felt cluttered with a lot of furniture, which made them feel smaller and less welcoming. Personal items needed to be removed.

Exterior: The house’s landscaping was well done but needed trimming and clean up.


The Transformation Journey:

Fresh Paint: Wall paper (except in the dining room) and a fresh coat of neutral, modern paint was applied to the walls, immediately brightening rooms and giving them a more updated look. This small change can significantly impact how a home is perceived, making it more inviting and contemporary. Buyers love to see “a blank slate” which fresh neutral painting can provide. 

New Carpeting: We replaced the old carpet with a fresh one that complemented the newly painted walls, instantly making the house feel fresh and more in line with current real estate trends.

Lighting Changes: We replaced a few of the older fixtures with modern ones to give the room a totally transformed look. The changes gave the rooms just the right update to attract today’s buyer.

Organizing and Staging: Decluttering was our first step. Personal items were packed away, and with the help of professional stagers, several major focal  point rooms were transformed to showcase their possibilities. This not only made spaces look larger but allowed potential buyers to envision themselves in the home.

Exterior Landscaping: A professional landscaper was brought in to make some minimal updates such as trimming overgrown bushes, and planting a few well placed vibrant flowers. The front door was restrained to show the warmth of the wood. The result of the attention to the exterior was a home that boasted curb appeal, making a great first impression on visitors.


After the Transformation:

The results were fabulous if we do say so ourselves. Within just a short time the home was looking updated and fresh despite its age. With a little effort and strategic updates, a home can be transformed from tired to in-demand.

The success of the sale of this home serves as a testament to the impact of thoughtful property enhancements. By focusing on modern trends and paying attention to details, any property can shine on the market.


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