4 DIY Projects Sellers Should Stop Doing!

February 27, 2023 | Selling Your Home | By: The Goodhart Group

Are you a Mr./Ms. Fix-it? You may want to tread or “fix” lightly! Why? Home Inspectors can spot the works of an amateur. Saving $200-$300 in the short term could end up costing you thousands in the long-term. It is important to know when to call a professional. Read on to learn about the 4 DYI projects you should never take on as a seller. 


#1 Electrical Work 

DYI Project: Installing a ceiling fan, light fixture, or dimming switch 
Short Term Dangers: Electrocution and home electrical fires – yikes! 
Long Term Problems: Exposed wires, incorrect wiring, improper junction boxes, and overloaded circuit boxes are common problems inspectors find which can be problematic as it can cause shorts that could potentially lead to house fires. Furthermore, many cities/counties require permits for this type of work to show a job was done to code and without these you could get fined/you could hold up the sale of your home. 


#2 Plumbing

DYI Project: Changing a faucet or appliance, working on the dishwasher
Short Term Dangers: Leaks/flooding and potential mold 
Long Term Problems: Incorrect plumbing can cause significant damage such as flooding and can lead to wood rot or mold which can affect air quality and be seriously damaging to your health. One wrong connection can equal costly damage. Dishwashers require a lot of water pressure, so if not properly connected, can cause flooding. 


#3 Roofing and Decks

DYI Project: Installing a new deck or repairing roof shingles 
Short Term Dangers: Injury from falling/damage to the home 
Long Term Problems: While decks and roof installation/repair can be higher priced, it is worth every penny! DIY deck installation runs the risk of improper attachment to the home, as well as insecure handrails which both pose major safety concerns, such as collapsing and serious injury. Roofs also pose a danger of falling and serious harm. Professionals are trained in how to stay safe on the roof while making repairs. 


#4 Landscape Grading

DYI Project: Landscaping that changes water flow around the home 
Short Term Dangers: Improper draining, flooding, and structural damage 
Long Term Problems: While it’s great to make landscaping upgrades to your home, anything that involves structural changes to water flow should be taken care of by a professional. A graded yard should be set-up to have water flowing away from the home. However, if grading is not properly maintained, this can cause water to rush around the foundation of the house and lead to structural damage or water entering the basement which can cause flood damage and mold. Note that gutters should be directing water away from the foundation as well! 


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