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Our Top tips for Organizing and Cleaning Your Closet

April 13, 2020 | Love Where You Live | By: Sue

While you are inside for social distancing, make one of your goals clean closets!

Marie Kondo, the author of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up , says that simply organizing closets is not the answer. In other words, don’t rush out to the container store to find the latest in boxes for storing and organization. Instead, really clear out. Ask yourself, “When have I used this item last? Is it looking tattered or faded? Do I need it? Can someone else use the item?”


Pick one closet a week to tackle and clean. Take a shelf or an area a night starting Monday and clear it out! Continue with another area until the weekend. If you’re up to do more than one area, go for it! We find that once we get on a roll it’s easy to go into organization mode and tackle several areas. As you work, divide items into:

  • items that stay;
  • items that stay but needs cleaning or refurbishing;
  • items in good condition but are no longer needed; and
  • trash.

On Saturday,  address the items that you need to clean or refurbish. Sew on any missing buttons or take those shoes with the broken heel to be fixed by a professional. Once fixed, these items can return to the closet.

Items in good condition but not needed should go to a friend, family member, or local charity. There are plenty of organizations that will come pick up your donations. The trash, of course, should be discarded.

Once this clearing out it done and the closets are clean, then head to the container store!

If we can help you with other home improvement ideas or anything related to real estate, please reach out. Our passion is helping people love where they live!

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