old town alexandria street names

The History of Old Town Alexandria Street Names – What Do They Mean?

The History of Old Town Alexandria Street Names Have you ever wondered about Old Town Alexandria street names?  For example, how they got their names? We sure have! So we did some digging. Of course,…

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neighborhood orientation tours

We Offer Neighborhood Orientation Tours, So You’ll Love Where You Live

Moving to a new neighborhood? We know, it can be overwhelming! Making a real estate decision is more than just liking your new house – it’s about loving where you live. That’s why we provide…

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southeast quadrant of old town

The Southeast Quadrant of Old Town: Our Favorite Places

The Southeast Quadrant of Old Town is full of charm and history. It also offers many fabulous restaurants, shops, parks and more. Our team has gathered up our favorite spots in the Southeast Quadrant of…

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slade townhomes

Slade Townhomes: New Construction in Old Town

Our sales team recently toured the new Slade Townhomes in Old Town Alexandria, located at 601 N. Henry Street. Slade is an 18 unit, townhouse development from Northfield homes.  Here's the inside info!

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Trick-or-Treating in Old Town Alexandria: The 10 Things You Need to Know!

Are you new to trick-or-treating in Old Town Alexandria? We've got you covered!

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Renovating Historic Old Town Alexandria Homes

Renovating a Historic Old Town Alexandria Home: Navigating the BAR

Owning one of the many historic Old Town Alexandria homes is truly something special but renovating one of is no easy feat. There is a lot to know before undertaking a renovation of any historic…

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Best Shopping in DC

Best Shopping in DC: Allison’s Top 25

Whether you’re looking for the latest fashions, some fun new shoes, clothes for your baby, or a gift for that special someone, there is unique DC area shop worth visiting. Allison has rounded up her…

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things to do with a dog in Washington, DC

Top 25 Things to Do with a Dog in Washington DC & Beyond

Our Sales Agent, Janel Voth, shares her Top 25 Things to Do with a Dog in Washington DC area.

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