Working from Home Tips

Working from Home Tips: Our Team’s Best Advice

March 31, 2020 | Lifestyle & Community | By: The Goodhart Group

Working from Home Tips: Our Team’s Best Advice

In this strange new world we find ourselves, more people are working than ever before. Given the 24/7 nature of real estate, our team knows a thing or two about how to productively work from home. Read on for a round up of our best working from home tips.

Working from Home Tips: Our Team’s Best Advice


For Sue, if more than one person is working from home, she establishes “office hours.” Also, she asks any non-workers in the house to respect those times. Also important for Sue: limit the junk food in the house!


Allison always ends her day by setting a goal or intention and a schedule to stick to for the next day.


To keep focused while working at home, Jamyn keeps her normal hours, including taking a lunch break. She avoids working on her couch and has created a designated work area. She also frequently reminds herself that, no matter where people are working, everyone works differently!


Keep a normal routine! For Sam, it’s her morning workout, walking her pups, and getting ready for work. She also tries to stick to her regular eating habits. Dog owner tip: keep the dogs on their same eating and walking schedule so they don’t bother you.


Cody highly recommends establishing an “office” area if you don’t already have one, ideally a space with a door that locks (read more of our home office tips). Try to limit distractions in the office like TVs and gaming systems. Keep anything within your line of sight work-related as well to help focus your mind on the tasks at hand. Noise-canceling headphones (like these) are worth t

heir weight in gold.


Marty has a designated workspace that is away from the rest of the family while he is working. He also suggests staying focused on work as much as possible given the current state of affairs.


Kristen always wakes up early (before her kids!) and sends important emails. Then hopefully, the receiver sees them when they check their email first thing in the morning and replies. She’s also a big fan of Trello to keep organized with to-do lists.


Mac suggests making your work at home day just like an office day. He suggests taking little coffee or water breaks like you normally would in the office to give yourself a mental break. He also tries avoiding checking the news until the work day is over.

documents keep closingSara

Sara makes sure she gets out of bed at her usual wakeup time. She does her usual morning routine: exercising in her home gym in her garage, walking the dog, then getting showered and dressed for the day just like she was going to the office.


If you’ve had to create a temporary home workspace due to having everyone at home like Susan, she recommends personalizing it like you would your office workspace with pictures, flowers, etc. Susan also suggests posting your day’s schedule on your office door so others know when you have important meetings and phone calls.

The Bottom Line

While there is no magic formula for successful telework, most of our team agrees that having a dedicated office space, regular routine, and the right technology can make working at home as productive as working in your regular office!

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