why moving is so stressful

Why Moving Is So Stressful

April 23, 2017 | Real Estate | By: The Goodhart Group

Why Moving Is So Stressful

Moving is consistently rated as one of life’s most stressful events, ranking up there with the death of a loved one, illness, divorce, job loss, etc. Even if your move is a happy one, say to accommodate a growing family or to take a promotion, moving is incredibly stressful!

Why Moving Is So Stressful

Experts say it is because it’s a massive disruption of routines, combined with giving up much of what is familiar to you.

Often a move is due to another, sometimes stressful life change, such as having a baby or the death of a spouse. Basically, moving is the perfect storm of emotions and change, creating a recipe for a very stressful time.

Here, we breakdown the main reasons why moving is so stressful.

Leaving The Familiar for the Unknown

With any move, you are leaving the comforts of your actual home, such as your spa-like master bathroom or custom gourmet kitchen. However, you are also leaving your known support network of people and places. Of course, you’re sad about leaving dear friends and family, perhaps also your colleagues at work or other people you see every day. You also are leaving some favorite places like your yoga studio or coffee shop. These departures come with great uncertainty too. Most people find themselves asking if they will make new friends or find that perfect coffee shop or gym to frequent.

Money, Money, Money

Moving is an enormous financial transaction. You may be buying for the first time and taking on a mortgage after years of renting. You may need to sell and move quickly due to a life change. You might be moving up and taking on a much bigger mortgage. You may end up selling your home for less than you had hoped. You may have spent more on your new home than you had planned. The list of financial implications of moving are endless.

That’s not to mention the other expenses related to moving – spending a significant amount of money to get your home ready to list (painting, cleaning, etc), paying closing costs, and footing the bill for home inspection repairs. If you’re buying, you may need to purchase new furniture or remodel your new home. And then there’s the move itself, which can cost several thousands of dollars.

When buying or selling, it can feel like the flow of money is non-stop, which for most, is incredibly stressful.

The Time Crunch

Life is busy as it is. Work, school, kids, deadlines, pets, parents, trying to get enough sleep and exercise. For most, there is little time to spare as it is.

Whether buying or selling, moving is significant drain on your time (and energy). On top of everything else you have to do on a daily basis, add in decluttering, packing, hiring contractors and movers, changing utilities, and researching things like schools and childcare in your new area. Oh and if you’re selling, you must ensure your home is spotless and “show ready” at all times. Hello, STRESS!!!

Routines Disrupted

When you are in the process of moving, just about every single routine you have will be disturbed in some way. If you’re selling a home, that may mean no longer being able to leave your toiletries out on the bathroom counter or not being able to find the summer clothes you now need. If you are buying, you may have to give up your free weekends to househunt or find temporary quarters if you can’t move right in to your new home.

And once you do move, you will have to develop a whole new routine. For everything from where to keep your coffee filters to finding that new gym, new routines have to be researched and established, which can be very anxiety-producing.

Massive Uncertainty

Whether you are buying or selling, or both, uncertainty is the name of the game when moving. The list of uncertainties is endless….when your home will sell, for how much and with what conditions, when you will settle and move, when and where you will find your next home. For those who crave stability and solid plans, living with such uncertainty is downright torturous!

Unpleasant Tasks

Cleaning, organizing finances, doing endless paperwork, researching and choosing contractors, letting go of memories and “stuff,” saying goodbye to friends and family…moving is full tasks we don’t usually relish. If your move is the unhappy result of a death or divorce, these tasks can be truly gut-wrenching. Emotions are often at an all time high when in the process of moving.

Worry About Loved Ones

On top of your own worries and stress, you may be worried about other members of your family and how they are handling the move. Perhaps you have kids that are very resistant to the move and new school or an aging parent who is nervous about you leaving the area. Of course, their concerns are legitimate ones and will undoubtedly weigh on you as well.


So as you can see, moving truly is the perfect storm of emotions and stress. Our best advice? Seek out professional help along the way – a seasoned Realtor, expert movers, and experienced contractors. Having a team of pros in your corner will make the moving process significantly smoother. Whenever possible, heed the advice they give! You will likely only move a handful of times in your life — these professionals help people make these transitions day in and day out. They know what they’re talking about (also check out our top moving tips we’ve compiled over our years of experience).

Take good care of yourself. Try to get enough sleep, eat well, stay connected with friends and family, and maintain your routines as much as possible, especially your social and exercise routines.

Lastly, remember, this too shall pass! Moving is a transition. Keep your eye on the ultimate goal and all of the stress will seem more manageable.

If we can help with your next move in any way, please reach out. This is what we do every day and we’d love to help you!

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