The Goodhart Group’s Commitments to Safety & Our Clients During COVID-19

Let’s face it.  No matter the circumstances, there are always people who NEED to move. Just this week alone we’ve met nine new clients who need to move due to job relocations, illnesses in their…

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tips for buying a condo in dc

Our Top 10 Tips for Buying a Condo in DC: Do Your Homework!

In the market for buying a condo in DC? Do your homework! Condo living can be truly fabulous, but only if you know what to expect and you’re prepared. Before moving to a condo building…

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Public School Boundary Finder

DMV Public School Boundary Finder

New to the area? If you’re househunting and curious to know what public school a listing is zoned for, look no further. Below is a list of each DMV jurisdiction, with their public school boundary…

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Cost of Living in the Washington DC Area

The Cost of Living in the Washington DC Area

Everyone knows that the DC area is an expensive place to live. And within the DC area, certain cities are more expensive than others. Here we’ve outlined the cost of living...

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Washington, DC weekend

Insider’s Guide to Your Washington DC Weekend

When people think of Washington DC, what usually comes to mind is either their eighth-grade field trip or the epicenter of politics. In actuality, in Washington, DC, you can also explore international cuisines,

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weekend househunting trip

Your Weekend Househunting Trip: How to Prepare — and Succeed!

Buying a home on a weekend househunting trip may seem like an impossible task. However, with some advanced planning and research, it can happen!

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2019 real estate market

New Year, More of the Same: 2019 Market Trends

New Year, More of the Same: 2019 Market Trends New year, hot market! After a weaker than usual fall market of 2018, the 2019 market came in with a bang! Sales are robust, buyers are…

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Best Sports Bars in DC

The Best Sports Bars in DC

If you love heading to your local sports bar to watch the big game, read on! We’ve rounded up the best sports bars in DC for you.

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