where to hang a chandelier

Where To Hang a Chandelier

June 28, 2021 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Nothing completes a room like the right lighting. The perfect chandelier, hung properly, makes an especially bold statement. However, too often, we see chandeliers that miss the mark in either size or positioning. Read on for our insider tips on where to hang a chandelier — and how to find the perfect size chandelier for your space!

Choose the Right Size Chandelier


First things first: be sure to choose the right size chandelier for your space. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your chandelier is one-half to three-quarters the width of your table. For a more precise measurement: add the length and the width of your room and convert the result to inches for the ideal chandelier diameter. For example. If your room is 12’ by 14’, look for a chandelier with a 26” diameter. Or use this handy calculator.

When in doubt, go larger. It’s always better to have a chandelier that is a little too big than too small.

Where To Hang a Chandelier

Dining Room / Kitchen. In dining spaces, the bottom of any chandelier should hang between 30” – 36” inches above the top of the table or kitchen island (assuming an 8’ ceiling). Single chandeliers should be centered over the table or island, while multiple chandeliers or pendants should hang 30” apart from each other. If you have three lights, center one above the middle of the island and then hang the other two 30″ apart on either side. Keep all lights at least 6” from the ends of the table or island.

Entryway, Bedroom, or Living Room. If the chandelier is being hung in your bedroom or living room, place it in the middle of the room or above a bed or coffee table. To avoid any head bumps, plan to have 7′ of clearance between the chandelier and the floor. If your ceiling is more than 8′, mount the chandelier an additional 3″ higher for every extra foot above 8′.Center the chandelier with the focal point of the room such as above a bed, with a mantel, or centered in the seating area of a living room. If you have a large foyer, a chandelier placed over a round table is striking! For smaller foyers, hang the chandelier in the middle of the room.

Note: in a two-story foyer, the bottom of the fixture should hang at the same level as the second floor.

Bathroom. In bathrooms, hang a chandelier at least 8′ above the highest point from the tub’s edge. Strict building codes for wet environments require that any chandelier be at least 3′ from the edge of the tub or shower.

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