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Tips to Burglar Proof Your Home

November 22, 2016 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Robbie Richards of Mr. ReKey, America’s Largest Residential Locksmith, serves as our guest contributor today. Thank you Robbie, for these important tips we should all remember in these coming weeks of heavy travel.

In the excitement of going away on vacation, it can be easy to overlook certain seemingly trivial tasks necessary for protecting your home in your absence.


You might not stop to think about how much the grass and bushes will grow over the next week or two, leaving your lawn looking unkempt and overgrown. The thought may never cross your mind to discontinue your mail or to have a friend or family member shuffle the cars in your driveway, so it is not so apparent that you are not around. And you are probably so pumped up about your trip that you decide to make sure everyone on Facebook knows just how awesome it is in Maui.

Everyone looks forward to the opportunity to get away, but do you know if your home is safe while you’re gone?

More than 1.7 million burglaries take place in the United States each year, and the highest percentage occur during the summer months while people are away on vacation. Of course you can never fully guarantee that your home will not be broken into, but there are several common mistakes you can avoid and preventative actions you can take to significantly decrease your risk.


The DIY Home Security Guide by Mr. Rekey Locksmith includes everything you need to know to ward off burglars and revamp the safety of your home. It walks you through the basics of burglary, uncovers homeowners’ most common security missteps, and details DIY tips to burglar-proofing your house. Home security plays an integral part in the safety of you, your family, and your belongings, so discover what you can do to strengthen your home security today.


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