Spring real estate market

The Spring Real Estate Market: The Three Things You Need to Know

January 26, 2024 | Real Estate | By: The Goodhart Group

Everyone knows the local real estate market is HOT! And the spring real estate market is even hotter. If you’re thinking of a move this spring, it’s not too early to plan. The spring market really starts in mid-February. Our best advice? Start the process now!

Rates to Drop Slightly

Overall, we expect interest rates to drop by the end of 2024. With rates dropping all of the buyers who’ve been sitting on the sidelines are now looking to buy! Competition has already been fierce. What’s more is that typically, rates will bump up a little bit in the spring. So don’t wait! January through March could be your best opportunity to take advantage of the new lower rates.

Off Market Listings

What can help you find your dream home in this highly competitive market? A real estate team (such as ours!) that can help you find off-market properties. Additionally, a team with a strong listing business can give you a heads up about potential listings. As Compass agents, we have an advantage with Compass’ nationwide market, we can share off-market properties within our brokerage so that our buyers are the first to know. Compass clients benefit from Compass Private Exclusives (only available to Compass agents and their clients).

Sign a Buyer Broker Agreement

Remember, when you venture into an open house, the agent may seem absolutely wonderful and want your business. However, you may not realize that the agent works for the seller and is required to work in their best interests.

Having a buyer’s agent is essential. In this super-competitive market, you need someone working for and with you, every step of the way. From arranging showings to making an offer; from negotiating the home inspection to signing on the dotted line at settlement, a buyer’s agent does a tremendous amount of work for you.

A buyer’s agent typically gets paid out of the listing agent’s commission, meaning there is no cost to you as the buyer. However your agent should be sure to check the listing for the buyer’s agent commission as sellers do not have to offer a buyer’s agent commission.

A signed agreement with a dedicated buyer agent ensures that they are working in your best interests to negotiate the right terms and conditions that work for you. For more on the buyer broker agreement, read our related post (for more on who’s who in the real estate process, read all about Agency here).

Spring is right around the corner (today it is 72 in January!) — now is the time for us to talk. We are happy to chat by phone or schedule an appointment. You may think you can wait until spring to get serious about house-hunting however the winter months are the perfect time to prepare – get pre-approved for a mortgage, start looking at listings online, develop your wishlist, and most importantly, sit down with your Realtor to map out a strategy for the spring real estate market.

The Bottom Line

If you’re planning to jump into the spring real estate market, now is the time to get started. The best way to ensure success is to be well prepared with an experienced Realtor guiding you through the process.

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