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Top 5 Reasons to Get Your Home Ready to List NOW

November 14, 2017 | Selling Your Home | By: The Goodhart Group

Top 5 Reasons to

Get Your Home Ready to List NOW

In my conversations this fall with various clients and friends who are contemplating a move, I often hear, “I’m waiting until spring.” If you fall into this category, the time to get the ball rolling is NOW. By doing so, you may be able to get your home sold before the spring market for more money and with fewer headaches along the way.

So here are our Top 5 reasons to get your home ready to list NOW:

(1) Beat the Spring Rush

When you get your home ready to list now, you will save yourself some major stress points come spring. We can schedule time for our staging consultant to walk through the house to give you a punchlist. You can line up contractors (we have a recommended list) to start work in early January when they might be less busy and before the craziness of the spring market hits. Trust us on this one – we’ve had many clients feel the pinch when they start making calls to contractors and vendors come March and everyone is already booked!

(2) Make Major Exterior Repairs Now

By starting to get your home listing ready now, you’ll be able to tackle any needed exterior work before the cold winter weather hits. Whether it’s roof work, landscaping or exterior painting, you’ll be glad to have these tasks completed before the snow and ice come. Even in March, it might be too cold to do exterior paint, taking you out of an important month of selling.

(3) Your Home Will Be Featured in Our Private Collection

One of the main reasons more than 3,000 people subscribe to our weekly newsletter is for access to The Goodhart Group’s Private Collection. This section of our website exclusively highlights our off-market and coming soon properties. In fact, we receive several inquiries every week on these homes and have sold them, saving our clients from ever having to go live on the market!

(4) Your Home Will Appear in Our Winter Marketing

Most people think it’s best to wait until spring to list their home. However, listing in an “off” time is a great option as well. Serious house hunters are looking all year long due to job or life changes (read our article for more on this topic). By signing with us now, your home will appear as a “Coming Soon” property in our various direct mail marketing pieces, targeting 17,000 homes.

While you may not get the volume of traffic if you listed in the winter months vs. the spring, you will get more serious buyers through your home, without racking up days on market. Get your home ready to list now to be ready for these eager buyers.

(5) Go Live When the Market is the Hottest

The real estate market shifts year to year. While we generally know when the peak selling times are, the market has certainly surprised us. By preparing in advance, we can activate your listing whenever the market starts to hit the upswing – the hard work is already done!


Late fall is the perfect time of year to get the ball rolling for a spring sale. Take the needed steps to get your home ready to list now. You’ll beat the spring rush and be ready for those serious buyers looking over the winter months.

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