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The Latest and Greatest in Smart Appliances

January 10, 2018 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

The Latest and Greatest in Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are hotter than ever and truly changing the way homeowners are keeping house! From laundry to cooking, from cleaning to watching TV, there is a smart appliance to make your life easier. We’ve rounded up the most exciting new additions to smart appliances on the market to help make your life easier!


The LG SmartThinQ line of smart refrigerators is quite impressive, with several options for styles and features. These refrigerators use an app that controls key features and sends you important notifications. It works with as with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can control your refrigerator with your voice.

Another cool (pun intended!) feature of the LG’s smart fridges is its Smart Cooling Plus technology, which maintains ideal conditions within the refrigerator. The compressor and dual evaporators react quickly to changes in humidity and temperature, which keeps your food fresher and lasting longer. Vents throughout the refrigerator surround your food with cool, fresh air. Perhaps best of all, LG’s InstaView refrigerators have a glass panel allowing you to peek inside the without letting the cold air out. Simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the contents! This model retails for about $2,700.

Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has three interior cameras that take a photo when you close the door, allowing you to check your refrigerator from anywhere. You can also create shopping lists, order groceries, and see inside your refrigerator at any time. With its FlexZone temperature settings, you can easily change from freezer to refrigerator mode.The 28 cu. foot model sells for $3,777.

Also, check out Whirlpool’s Double Drawer French Door Refrigerator with Dual Cooling System. Its designated produce drawer with its FreshFlow produce preserver creates the perfect environment for keeping fruits and vegetables tasting their best. Its triple crisper offers many options for storing your produce. The small item bin keeps sight of the little things, like butter and cheese. The temperature-controlled drawer offers five custom settings (meat, snacks, drinks, deli/cheese, and thaw). The thaw setting is perfect for thawing frozen food at just the right temperature AND away from other foods. The freezer offers two tiers of storage, including two sliding bins. There is even a specially-designed spot to store pizza boxes upright! Enjoy more room in the freezer with its In-Door-Ice storage. Panoramic LED lighting throughout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. This high-tech fridge retails for $3,299.

Smart Cooking

Tovala is the hottest new trend in smart cooking. It is a genius combination of a countertop oven and meal delivery service. The Tovala oven combines a baking element, a broiler, steam and a convection fan. 

How does it work? You just scan your Tovala meal (which run $12) and the oven receives data from the cloud to know how to cook that specific meal perfectly, switching between steaming, baking, and broiling as needed. The Tovala sends your phone a notification when your meal is ready. More affordable than many of the other smart options (at least for the appliance itself), the oven is $399 and currently, two meal plans are offered: three one-person meals for $36 a week or three two-person meals for $72 a week.

You can also cook smart with the Samsung Flex Duo 30-in Smooth Surface 5-Element stove with double ovens. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to remotely monitor your oven and cooktop’s functions and temperature from your smartphone. As an added bonus, the Flex Duo Dual Door with its Smart Divider splits the single oven into two, allowing you to convection bake and broil at the same time. The stove retails for approximately $1,200.


Change the way you do laundry with LG washers and dryers with SmartThinQ technology. You can use an app on your smartphone to start and stop the washer or dryer cycle from any location. The app will also notify when your laundry is done. You can also get reminders about scheduled maintenance and data on energy usage. The washing machine offers a large-capacity (5.2 cu. ft.) design and a whopping number of wash cycles (14). The washing machine retails for approximately $1,350. The gas dryer offers an 9.0 cu. ft. interior as well as a moisture sensor to help prevent overdrying. The dryer retails for approximately $1,350.

Also, check out LG SideKick washer/dryer set, which allows you to do two loads of laundry at the same time. You can do a smaller load of whites in the lower/secondary compartment while your darks are in the upper main compartment. Genius – especially for those “night before” laundry scrambles! Prices start at about $2,500 for the set.

Smart Cleaning

With LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ vacuum, you can start or stop your vacuum, check the status of a cleaning cycle, or charge it, using an app on your smartphone. The HOM-BOT works with voice commands using the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
The cleaning diary function the LG Hom-Bot Square Robotic Smart Wi-Fi Enabled version instantly tells you which areas of your home have been cleaned and which have not. Two cameras mounted on the HOM-BOT ensure it doesn’t miss a spot. The Hom-Bot models currently sell between $750-$999.


The futuristic-looking curved screen Samsung KS8500 4K TV offers a high-quality picture, but its main draw is an amazing viewing experience from any angle in a room. It also minimizes the effects of glare from windows and lights. Its auto-brightness feature adjusts the TV’s brightness based on the lighting in the room (dimmer in a dark basement, for example), saving energy — and your eyes! This TV also comes with One Connect, so you can connect your DVD player, gaming console, and Roku through a single cable. The 55″ model of this TV sells for approximately $1,200.

The all-new, streamlined Amazon Fire TV offers spectacular picture and sound quality. Just plug it into an HDTV and start streaming within one minute. With Amazon Fire TV, you can enjoy thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills with access to over 500,000 movies and TV shows. With an Amazon Prime membership, you get thousands more movies and TV episodes, including Thursday Night Football, Amazon Original Series, Amazon Channels, and ad-free music.

The Bottom Line

Keeping up around the house has never been easier….cooking, cleaning, and laundry can be so much easier and smarter by investing in a few of these smart appliances. These ultra-hot smart appliances can only add to your home’s value.

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