To many residents of the Washington, DC area, Chevy Chase is almost synonymous with Maryland. But this definition only describes one half of a larger community. Chevy Chase, DC is nestled between Rock Creek Park and Friendship Heights. This affluent neighborhood offers a blend of urban excitement and suburban serenity. While there is no metro line that runs directly through Chevy Chase DC, several buses run along Connecticut Avenue.

Chevy Chase History

Chevy Chase DC was developed in conjunction its Maryland counterpart. Both were part of the vision shared by Senator Francis Newlands and William Stewart, who foresaw the future value of land northwest of the nation’s Capital. The two men brought thousands of acres of land along modern day Connecticut Avenue, and transferred the rights to their Chevy Chase Land Company.

The development of Chevy Chase DC mirrored the growth of metropolitan communities in Arlington and Alexandria in the late 1800s. The advent of the electric streetcar bolstered and encouraged the growth of Chevy Chase.

Chevy Chase Real Estate

Chevy Chase DC’s housing stock reflects the community’s progressive trend, from pasture to parceled lots. Sears’ “kit homes,” Colonials, Cape Cods, and contemporary styles are all represented. It is home to several apartment buildings and condominiums as well.

Chevy Chase Community

Rock Creek Park provides plenty for residents seeking an outdoor fix. The Chevy Chase Recreation Center features a baseball field, basketball courts, and a playground. There are numerous restaurants and boutique eateries throughout the area.

Chevy Chase Favorites

Macon Bistro & Larder, which blends southern home cooking with French flavors, is the perfect date note spot. Be sure to stop by Blue 44 for dessert, like its amazing grilled angel food cake, served with a pear and cranberry compote.


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