Loving Where We Live: The Front Porch

September 21, 2015 | Love Where You Live | By: Sue

If you grew up in a neighborhood of homes built after the mid 1800’s and before central air conditioning was available, you will have the same nostalgic response I have when I see a home with a front porch.

There is something really special about a porch which evokes thoughts of rocking chairs, cool drinks and gentle conversation. Marty’s parents’ home had a front porch and it was common habit to sit there after supper and wave to the passing cars who honked their horns to say hello and to stop rocking for a moment to chat with the neighbor across the street. September and October were the best months for porch sitting after dinner as the evenings were cool enough but not yet too chilly and dusk was still an hour or two away.

The porch itself is an iconic symbol of American life.

It is part of the home but yet part of the neighborhood.  It allows one to be home yet be outside. During the day it is an outdoor living area shaded from the sun.  An overhead fan can create a breeze when nature is stingy with the air.  Painting the ceiling the color of the sky attracts the insects away from the porch inhabitants. Sitting on the porch as noted by a series done a few years back by NPR is “not a place but a state of mind.”

It is no wonder that  homes with a front porch touch people in ways they can’t understand.  We have several listings with delightful front porches and I can see people’s eyes light up as they approach the home. It is the longing to enjoy the day as long as one can by interacting with nature and with neighbors by the simple act of sitting inside the boundaries of what is an oversized welcome mat to all. Contact us for a list of properties in your preferred neighborhood with a front porch!