June tip of the month

June Tip of the Month

June 1, 2021 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Happy June – it’s time for our June Tip of the Month!

The heat and humidity of DC summers can make outdoor home maintenance tasks hard to accomplish. Try to get these important chores done this month before the truly steamy weather arrives.

  • Clear Your Vents. Clean out your dryer’s exterior vent and any other exhaust vents to the exterior of your home. Be sure to keep your shrubs and yard debris away from these areas, so nothing gets caught in a vent.
  • Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture. Pull out your patio furniture and give it a good cleaning. Over the winter months, your furniture can acquire a lot of dust and mildew. Click here for how to get rid of the pesky mildew on your furniture. Then you can enjoy sitting outside on a nice summer evening!
  • Clean Your Grill. Get ready for those backyard barbeques and clean your grill! Give all parts a good clean, including the cooking grates and burner protectors. If you need help on how to fully clean your grill, check out this guide.
  • Vacuum Your Fridge Coils. This task should ideally happen a few times a year as it helps keep your refrigerator running dependently and effectively. Check out this guide that gives you a step-by-step process on how to clean your fridge coils.

Need help? Contact us if you need a recommendation for any service providers that can help get your home ready for summer. From landscapers to HVAC providers, we have recommendations for just about any home maintenance task. Contact us today!

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