How to Make Your Home Feel Happier

How to Make Your Home Feel Happier

May 12, 2022 | Love Where You Live | By: Allison

Let’s Start with the Boring Stuff: First, Do a Deep Clean & Declutter

How to Make Your Home Feel HappierIf you want to make your home feel more peaceful and more polished, start with decluttering. I know it’s not the most fun task for many of us, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding! You can read some of our favorite tips to declutter here. Once the house is clear of the junk, be sure to do a deep clean to add some sparkle. You may also want to clean your windows, which totally changes the feel of the house. You can do it yourself or hire a window cleaning company. It may not sound like it would make a difference, the amount of added sunlight flowing in is worth it!

Get Organized!

After you declutter and are down to only the things you use, need and want in your life (and home), it’s time to organize! Here are some of our favorite organization tips.

I also love creating different “stations” with like items to make your home more functional. It also makes it look more put together!

For example, I have a coffee station (or in my case, tea) that has everything needed in one place (tea bags, K cups, honey, sugar, mixing spoons, etc. — in addition to a Keurig and mugs), displayed in an organized and pretty way. Similarly, you could make a baking station or a wine or cocktail station, or literally anything else that suits your interests or hobbies.

How to Make Your Home Feel HappierI also love a gift or wrapping station. Designate a room or closet to keep everything you need to wrap or bag gifts – wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, gift bags, cards for various occasions. Also, keep hostess gifts (candles, pretty hand towels, etc.) as well for good measure.

Set the Mood, Add Some Prettiness!

Fresh flowers make all the difference! Whether you grab flowers from your yard, a bouquet from the grocery store, or order an arrangement from a florist, adding flowers is the easiest thing you can do to brighten a room and add some polish. Similarly, adding one or two attractive plants is also a great idea. I love fiddle fig trees. A live one is best (locally, Greenstreet Gardens caHow to Make Your Home Feel Happierrries them). If you don’t have a green thumb, this one from West Elm is great!

Pick a few fun accessories that help tell your story and personality. My favorite things are those I’ve collected over the years on trips or little things that remind me of family. I also really love a good candle. My favorites right now are Nest candles, especially their holiday candle which reminds me of Christmas. Adding a few extra throw blankets and pillows around the house also helps add layers that give a room more dimension and feel more finished.

Last, play some music!! Playing music in the house really helps elevate the ambiance. If you don’t have a built-in sound system, Sonos or even playing it in different rooms with Amazon Alexa or Google Home are great options!

Time to Upgrade!

If you are open to doing more substantive work, consider these fixes to brighten things up.

Paint is such an easy way to mix things up! As a general rule, neutrals like gray tend to be the safest pick for most rooms, but sometimes its fun to add a splash of color – or wallpaper – to punch things up a bit. If you do choose a bolder color, stick to smaller rooms like a powder room so if you decide in a few months you’re over it, it’s easy enough to change back.

Switching out cabinet knobs and hardware is also a relatively inexpensive way to change the feel of a kitchen or bathroom. Similarly, changing out an old faucet or dated light fixture in a kitchen or bathroom for something more modern or dramatic can totally change the look as well.

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to make your home feel happier, brighter, and more personal. With just a few adjustments and purchases, you can ensure that your living space brings you a smile each day!

If you have other suggestions on how to make your home feel happier, please reach out! We’d love to hear your ideas too.

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