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Four Hot Design Trends

May 3, 2021 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in how people use their homes. Instead of a home being an evening and weekend landing pad, it is the place the entire family is living, working, and playing. With this shift, we’ve also watched several interesting home trends emerge. While normal, pre-pandemic life slowly resumes, we think these four hot design trends are here to stay!

Limited Open Concept

Gone are the days of wide-open spaces where the whole family congregates. While open kitchens remain popular, many house hunters are seeking dedicated spaces for home offices, schooling, exercising, and relaxing. Everyone is seeking a bit more privacy these days and that is likely to continue with teleworking remaining an option for many.

Smart and Luxurious Bathrooms

COVID prevented many people from getting to the spa or salon for their self-care and pampering. As a result, homeowners are seeking luxury in their own bathrooms! Spa-inspired baths remain immensely popular but now, we’re seeing additions like heated floors and towel racks, toilet seat warmers, showers with speakers and waterproof televisions, and even aromatherapy showerheads. Smart showers are programmed to start your shower at your preferred temperature before you even enter the bathroom! And smart mirrors provide convenient access to daily news, weather, and traffic reports.

Dreamy Backyards

Outdoor entertaining is having a major moment, thanks to COVID. Homeowners are creating (and house hunters are seeking) welcoming, spacious outdoor spaces in which to entertain. From patios to pools to porches, outside spaces are being created or enhanced. High-end outdoor kitchens are increasingly popular additions. Read our related post for more ideas.

Light, Natural Wood Floors

The farmhouse look continues to be a major design trend. Gone are the days of dark stains. If you’re redoing your floors, consider a white oak or natural stain to create that farmhouse feel in your living spaces.

The Bottom Line

If you’re considering some upgrades to your home, keep these hot design trends in mind. They are likely here for a long time! If you want to talk through what you’re considering, reach out anytime. We are always happy to help!

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