Our Move to Compass

FAQ: Our Move to Compass Real Estate

July 31, 2018 | The Goodhart Group On The Move | By: Allison

In June, Compass Real Estate invited us to join their brokerage firm and become the “founding” agents (which means one of the first agents to join) for the new Alexandria Compass office.  We couldn’t be happier about our move to this forward thinking and innovative real estate brokerage and have enjoyed sharing our journey with you.

Sue shared her thoughts on finding our place in the real estate world when we joined Compass. Allison has reflected back on our first 6 weeks at Compass & why we compare the brokerage to the “Apple of Real Estate”, as well as on the announcement of the innovative Compass real estate sign launching for the Fall Market.  However, we’re sure many of you have questions about the move and how it can help us better serve our friends, clients and community.  We hope this post is a helpful guide. We are always happy to answer your questions by phone, email or in person. The coffee, tea or smoothies are on us!


Who is Compass?  

Compass Real Estate is a National firm located in the top real estate markets across the company.  They first opened in New York City and quickly became on of the best brokerages there. They moved to DC in 2015 (where they have multiple office locations) and are now the leading company by market share. Earlier this year, they opened in Arlington, Chevy Chase and McLean.  In June, the Alexandria Office opened. Along with The Goodhart Group, four other top agents have joined Compass Alexandria. The temporary office is located at 106 N Lee St until fall when a new, permanent office will be finished out.


Did you start your own brokerage?  

Many have asked if we have started our own company.  The answer is that we have not formed a new company. Our team called The Goodhart Group remains intact and our seven agents and team members are now licensed with Compass.  There is no change to the structure of our team.


How is Compass different from other brokerages?  

Compass is a truly innovative company helmed by a leadership team of experienced innovators across technology, real estate, marketing and finance.  Having raised $775 Million in financing to date, Compass has been endorsed by the companies (including Softbank and Goldman Sachs) who have backed the most promising companies in the world, including Instagram, Airbnb and Lyft.  Why have they invested? Compass is doing things differently and striving to create a better real estate experience for buyers, sellers and agents alike. The new Compass sign is just one example of how they doing things differently and thier innovation.

Compass also has an incredible in-house marketing and design agency which creates beautiful marketing materials for us and our listings.  Not to mention, Compass has powerful media presence due to its in-house PR team, averaging 45 news stories every week mentioning Compass, Compass agents and Compass listings.


Do the other agents that have recently changed to Compass work under you?  

No, except for our team members who are still working with us.  Just like at any other brokerage, the other agents at Compass have their own businesses.  We are excited that they have joined us and we looks forward to having the best agents in Alexandria working side by side with us at Compass.


Why did you decide to join Compass?

These two posts from Sue & Allison pretty much sum it up!


How does your affiliation with Compass help buyers and sellers?

Compass works to streamline the transactions so that we have more time to work with buyers and sellers. They have in house technology “geniuses” (yes, they mostly come from previous jobs at Apple Genius Bars) that help us when needed.  In addition, though we have done some great marketing in the past, the in-house ad agency and the public relations teams at Compass relieve us of tasks of which we are not experts. We are experts at helping people buy and sell homes and that is what we want to be doing!

Please let us know if we can answer any other questions about our brokerage or our team, or if you would like to chat about buying or selling. We are always here to help!


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