Compass Real Estate Sign

The Compass Real Estate Sign, Reimagined

July 23, 2018 | Market Pulse | By: Allison

The Compass Real Estate Sign, Reimagined

What’s connected, intelligent, illuminating, and #onlyatcompass?  Last week, the new Compass real estate sign was unveiled, rocking the real estate world with the first innovation to the real estate sign in over 50 years.

The new Compass real estate sign is illuminated with beacon technology which will automatically pull up the listing info for the property when you approach it if you have the Compass App on your phone. If you don’t, you can walk right up to the sign and take a picture of the sign and the listing information will populate directly to your phone. It’s incredibly exciting and completely unlike anything we’ve seen before in our industry.

Compass has even partnered with the navigation app Waze.  The app will showcase sign locations within the program, the hope being that it will encourage the many users of the app to attend open houses or drive by homes that have the new sign.  

While there are a few improvements we can already see should be made in the next redesign mode of the Compass real estate sign, it’s clear that this sign will offer a competitive advantage to those who have it in their yards if for no other reason than that people will be talking about it! This video gives a quick demo of the sign:


Future iterations of the sign are rumored to include more “smart home” technology where agents will be able to change the status of the sign (for sale, open house, sold) from their phones and where consumers will be able to ask the sign questions and get a response, similar to Alexa or Google Home. 

As one article notes in its discussion of the new Compass real estate sign release, “In other sectors, the merging of digital and physical worlds is well underway. We wear devices that monitor our steps and our sleep, we shop while in-store sensors track our movements, and we manage our homes using Silicon Valley-designed thermostats and security cameras. But when it comes to buying a home, technology is limited.”

Compass is out to change that – to make the experience of buying or selling a home as seamless as ordering an Uber, using an iPhone or ordering something on Amazon with Alexa. 

We’re so exciting for even more innovation from Compass to come.  Stay tuned!  PS – You can read more about the sign here.

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