Finding Our Place in the World

June 10, 2018 | Most Read | By: Sue

In our twenty five years in real estate, Marty, Allison, our team and I have worked hard to help our clients find just the right place that would fit them in the current stage of their lives. This summer, we are excited to announce that we are moving to Compass Real Estate, the nation’s fastest growing real estate brokerage and the top brokerage in Washington, D.C. We are proud to be bringing the future of real estate to Alexandria as the founding agents of the new Compass office in Old Town. Compass has several offices across the DC Metro area including offices on 14th St and in Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Chevy Chase, Arlington and McLean. Nationwide, Compass has several offices throughout major metropolitan areas such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, San Diego, Seattle and popular vacation spots such as the Hamptons, Aspen, Naples, Santa Barbara and Fort Lauderdale. 

One thing that drew us to Compass is their mission: to help everyone find their place in the world. Finding your place can mean different things to different people. It can mean finding your home, the physical space that is the cornerstone of our lives and where we spend time with the ones we love. It also means finding your state of being, your happy spot, the place in life where all is well.  We have talked a lot in the past about how we see our job as helping buyers and sellers through the transitions of their lives. Sometimes the transitions are celebratory: marriage, children, a new job or promotion. Other times they are hard: death, divorce, illness or a job loss. Helping others through these times has always been and will continue to be our mission. Helping others realize their dream is our dream.

By joining Compass, our mission and our dream continue, now with the backing of the most innovative and forward thinking brokerage in the country.

As such, we will continue to help our clients through their life changes in fundamental ways as we join the revolution in technology. If you’re not tech savvy, fear not, we remain high touch and will always offer comfortable solutions for every client.

For sellers we now have tools that are at the forefront of modern marketing and produce compelling visual formats. This comes with an in-house advertising and marketing agency comprised of graphic designers and marketers from some of the worlds top brands who will be working on selling YOUR home. We can also guide sellers with up to date market information through our access to proprietary data analytics. Our buyers will have the ability to search with state of the art tools with our same dedication to finding the right home when the choices become fewer.

Everything will be streamlined by the Compass platform so that we here at the Goodhart Group can ultimately spend more time providing personal attention to our clients.

By joining Compass, we feel we have found our place in the world. If you would like to meet with Allison or me to talk about how our excitement translates into helping you find your place in the world, we would be delighted to stop your home or meet you for coffee – our treat! Feel free to reach out at any time, or fill out the form below. You can also find out more about the company on their website, or watching the video below.

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