Autumn in the Time of Covid

Embracing the Outdoors this Fall

October 8, 2020 | Love Where You Live | By: Sue

Summer sped away and now autumn stands in front of what could be a long stormy winter. I am looking forward to celebrating autumn with Mother Earth, the crisp air, the blue skies, and the burst of colors we are about to see. Before the leaves tumble down and we need to close the windows to the cold air, let’s enjoy autumn! Here are affordable ways to enjoy the outdoors like we have never done before so that we can stay safe and create good times with family and friends. 

You can start small with a string of lights, some comfortable outdoor chairs, and a chiminea to warm you for under $250. Add an outdoor TV for as little as $250 and you can stay outside for a while. Picture watching Thanksgiving football games on your patio with a fire. We recently experimented with an outdoor movie night with a projector and a screen that folds up like a sheet. They easily hook up to an Amazon Firestick which gives you access to Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu and other streaming apps. Bundled in blankets, a fire going in the chiminea we settled in with wine and popcorn. It was a lovely evening.

Dining Alfresco should be at the top of your outdoor thinking.  Any space will do!  Find a table, large or small, set up chairs in the yard, on the patio, balcony or roof top.  Add festive lighting or some battery operated candles and commit to dinners under the stars.  Plan now for special occasions and the holidays. Be prepared! Of course, you can go all the way with a full outdoor kitchen that can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 but that is not really necessary. Maybe just invest in a new grill or a smoker. 

And let the games begin–traditional ones like horseshoes and cornhole. How about a Bocce ball court? Pickleball in the driveway. Other ideas include a recycled bottle ring toss, giant checkers, or chess.  Paint circles on the grass for outdoor Twister, create a football toss, go for  lawn scrabble, or install a putting green. Hang a hammock and add a tree swing.  If you space for it, a zipline is fun for adults as well as kids!

One more thought. Set up now for exercising outdoors.  I have been working out for years with my trainer in a local park. I love it!  Instead of looking up at the dirty gym ceiling when I do sit ups I see blue skies, clouds and birds.   This winter I will not be going back to the gym as usual  December through March.  I will be set up in my yard  and be  ready to go. You can workout with TRX training kits or resistance bands. Marty invested in battle ropes for outside. You can also set up your garage as as gym.

Embracing the outdoors in colder weather will not only help us through the COVID winter, it will be a trend of the future. In fact you can increase your home’s value by investing in the outdoors. We are finding buyers are attracted to great outside spaces and some inexpensive items can add up to a big increase in value in your home.