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Dining Room Makeover – In a Weekend!

April 22, 2019 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Dining Room Makeover – In a Weekend!

Are you looking to spruce up your dining room? A dining room makeover is much easier than you might think – you can make dramatic changes (that won’t break the bank!) in a single weekend. Check out our best tips for a weekend dining room makeover. From wallpaper to mirrors; from accessories to lighting, we have you covered!

Add an Accent Wall

Give your dining room a visual punch with an accent wall. You can use paint or wallpaper to make a big statement. Choose the wall that is the first one people see upon entering the room (ideally it has no doors or windows). Use an unexpected color to complement the other walls in the dining room. Or hang a modern wallpaper like the one pictured to the right.

While you’re painting, change the trim in the dining room to a lighter, brighter color.

You can also add instant charm to your dining room by adding wainscoting. There are a great number of options in wainscoting, from the more formal raised panel to the more casual beadboard and board and batten. Of course, the barn door look is all the rage with today’s farmhouse look. For a DIY tutorial on installing your own wainscoting, click here.

Update the Lighting

When choosing a new light fixture, consider the size of your dining table and the room’s proportions. As a rule of thumb, the overhead light fixture should provide lights for two-thirds of the table. If you have a long table that seats twelve, you may want a long fixture such as this one (vs. a single chandelier). Another modern look is hanging more than one chandelier at varying heights.

The overhead fixture should not be the only source of light in your dining room. Add some ambient light such as accent fixtures in darker corners or pot lights. Be sure to install a dimmer switch, since dining rooms are all about ambiance! Remember to update the switchplates when updating your lighting.

When installing your table lighting, mount it three to five feet above the table. This distance will provide enough light for the table and your dinner guests, but won’t cause eye glare.

Change the Window Treatments

From Roman shades to dramatic full-length drapes, there are plenty of options for today’s dining rooms. Try to match the window treatments to the formality of the room. See below for two great examples.

Make sure the hardware matches your color scheme (brass drawer pulls – use a brass curtain rod).

Rearrange the Furniture

Start by placing your hardest-to-fit and bulkiest piece of furniture. Very likely, this is your dining table. Position the table where it is most accessible to guests (and people serving the food!) If necessary, relocate your main light fixture, rather than struggling to place your table below it.

Keep in mind that the dining table should not disrupt the natural traffic flow of the dining room. Leave enough space between the table and walls for guests to push back their chairs and still easily maneuver around the table. A good rule of thumb is to allow 48 inches between the dining table and the doorway. If you have an open layout, anchor your table by centering it in front of a wall, windows, or below a light fixture. Doing so will outline a distinct dining area. Consider incorporating a bench or a window seat into your seating plan. Click here for a tutorial on building your own window seat.

Tight on space? Try positioning the dining table against a wall to free up space. Keep folding chairs nearby for guests. Use floating shelves to store china and glasses rather than a bulky sideboard.

Update What You Have

Paint your Dining Set

Deep tones like royal blue or navy can completely transform older furniture. You can also give your dining set a completely new look by distressing it.

Change Up the Chairs

Mixing the textures and shapes of your chairs will give your dining room an entirely new look. Reupholster your dining room chairs or add fully upholstered chairs to the heads of the table. Or swap chairs out for a bench, which kids love!

Hang a Mirror

Not only will a mirror make the dining room look bigger, but it will also provide dimension and depth to your dining room. Mirrors also reflect candlelight, creating a very dramatic ambiance.

Refresh Your Accessories

Swap out your accessories, including the centerpiece, wall art, table runner and other linens, and place settings. If you have silver accents, consider updating them to copper or brass for a more modern look. Add an area rug under the table for warmth and coziness. Add pillows to a banquette.

The Bottom Line

A weekend dining room makeover can be just what your space needs. From floor to ceiling, the possibilities are nearly endless! With your creativity, a weekend of work, and a minimal investment, you can give your dining room quite a dramatic facelift.

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