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February Tip of the Month: Clean Your Fans & Filters!

February 1, 2017 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Each month, we suggest quick tasks for you to do to keep your home in tip top shape. Deferred maintenance on your home can cause it to sell for less down the line and can cause expensive appliances and systems to break down more frequently. That’s not good for anyone! This month, we’ll focus on cleaning your fans and filters. See our handy checklist below!

  • Clean your bathroom fans and check for mold/mildew.
  • In the kitchen, be sure you change the filter in your microwave and any water filtration system filters.
  • While you’re at it, clean and degrease the kitchen cabinets. They likely need it after the kitchen’s holiday workout. You can use a vinegar and water solution or a product like Murphy’s Oil.
  • On to the laundry room. Clean your clothes washer water line filters. Click here to learn how to do this.
  • Next, clean your dryer vent and vent hose.  While you’re at it, see if you still have rubber hoses for your washer. If you do, have them replaced with metal.
  • Test your water heater’s pressure relief valve. Simply pull the lever on the top of the valve UP. Verify that hot water is expelled through the overflow tube, which should then drain onto the floor.

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Of course, if you need help with anything related to your home (contractors, home improvement suggestions), please reach out. We are always happy to help!

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