buying with a baby

Buying with a Baby

July 19, 2016 | Buying a Home | By: Sue

Buying with a Baby

If you’re expecting, here’s how to make sure your new home is ready for the baby!

Buying a new home is an enormous and stressful decision at any time. But, if you’re buying with a baby, young kids or have plans for children soon, it’s a whole new ball game!

You still have the four basic considerations – location, size, condition and price – but you need to consider a few more factors for your short term and long term plans.  

Whether you are a first time buyer or move-up buyer, keeping the following in mind BEFORE you buy will keep you from losing (even more!) sleep:


{You may also want to check out the other articles in our baby series which will outline what to look for at specific stages with a newborn, toddler, multiple children and your kids as they grow older.}




Babies need SPACE. Well, not so much the baby, but the baby STUFF. Lots of space! If the baby is not in your arms or his/her crib, where will that adorable baby be? Is there room for them to learn to crawl or walk or is all of the space in use?

Think about how much space will each item take up? Where will the highchair or play pen be placed? Where will the stroller be stored when not in use? I have lots of buyers with babies or planning for babies in love with neighborhoods like Old Town, Del Ray, Logan Circle and Capitol Hill (among others) so space is a very important issue. The charming historic homes in those areas were not designed with the modern family in mind.


Bathrooms are one of the key things buyers overlook. Two things to consider here. 1) You want a bathroom on the main living level of your home as you work on potty training. 2) You will be giving baths, so even though the walk-in showers with glass doors are all the rage, make sure there’s at least one tub!

You will also be getting very friendly with your washer and dryer! This almost goes without saying, but make sure it’s in a convenient location.


Will grandparents come to visit once the baby is born? Many times, helpful parents will come visit. Will you want them to stay longer? A baby can be incredibly exhausting. Having a third bedroom or space for a pull out couch for a helpful grandparent or aunt might be helpful. Think about future childcare as well. Will you eventually need a room for a nanny or au pair?


That extra bedroom or “bonus room” can also come in handy if you are planning to have another child in the near future. Until then, it can also be nice office space if you are planning to work from home more often while your kids are young.


With a baby and small children, consider what you will do if there is no dedicated parking at your new home. If you are grocery shopping and come home laden with bags and your baby, will you have to worry about where to park? Will dedicated parking give you peace of mind? How far away is the dedicated parking? It’s definitely something to consider.


Similarly, consider the entry to your house or condo building. Is it stroller friendly? Or, do you need to climb 10 steps to get in? Believe me, you do not want to be carrying the baby, diaper bag, stroller and other items up and down the stairs multiple times each day.


Think past the first year and to when your baby has learned how to walk (and run!). What about going outside when the toddler has “wheels”  and their little feet are constantly moving?  Would you rather open the door to the backyard for them to play or pack up to go to the park? Will you someday want a playset in your backyard or room for pickup soccer games? Or would you prefer going to the neighborhood park with others?


Consider your commute now that you have a baby. More time in the car or on the Metro means less time with your family. Or perhaps moving further out to gain more space and a yard is more important than your commute right now. Either option is valid. Think about what works for you and your family.


With babies and small children, any and all safety concerns should remain top of mind. Is your dream house on the busy road worth it? Would you consider a home with a pool? Can you live in a house with your child’s bedroom on a different level?


Then there is the school issue – public or private?  Will your child walk to school or take the bus? Maybe you will drive them or want a neighborhood with lots of kids in their future school so you can car pool. Do your homework now on all of the school options; those elementary school years will be here before you know it.


Little kids grow up and so do their friends. They will take up more physical space in the home. So be sure the home you choose has the family friendly floor plan you seek and room to grow – at least for the next several years.

If your family is growing and you are feeling the need for more space, contact us. This is what we do! We can help you envision your next home and what will work best for your family. We are always happy to chat, even if you’re not quite ready.

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