Maternity Leave in Alexandria

Things to Do on Maternity Leave in Alexandria — And Beyond

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! While you may enjoy cuddling up with your new baby at home, after a while, you’re probably going to want to get out and about.

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Stroller-friendly Restaurants in Alexandria

The Best Stroller-Friendly Restaurants in Alexandria

If you have a stroller-bound little one, don’t think you’re restricted to eat in kid-friendly restaurants! Alexandria is home to countless stroller-friendly restaurants...

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bringing a newborn home

Life with a Newborn: What You Need in Your Home

Before bringing a newborn home, there are so many things to consider!  Chief among them is housing. Is it time to buy your first home? Should you leave the city and go to the suburbs?…

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The Decision to Cross the River from DC to VA – Are You Ready?

I can clearly remember when I first started considering a DC to VA move from my 650-square-foot, third-floor walk-up, renovated condo in the heart of DC (that I loved) to something a little larger in…

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tips for touring homes

Tips for Touring Homes: Our Top Five

If you’re in the market to buy a home this fall, take a moment to read our five top tips for touring homes.

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Alexandria daycare

Complete List of Alexandria Daycare Options

Local residents are fortunate to have a variety of Alexandria daycare options within the city. Read on for our comprehensive list.

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buying with a baby

Buying with a Baby

Buying with a Baby If you’re expecting, here’s how to make sure your new home is ready for the baby! Buying a new home is an enormous and stressful decision at any time. But, if…

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