Life with a Toddler: What You Need in Your Home

As your newborn turns into a toddler, your life and your housing needs get a little more complicated!  He or she will become a lot more mobile and start taking up more space in your…

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bringing a newborn home

Life with a Newborn: What You Need in Your Home

Before bringing a newborn home, there are so many things to consider!  Chief among them is housing. Is it time to buy your first home? Should you leave the city and go to the suburbs?…

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can't agree house

Help! We Can’t Agree on a House!

We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again… One of you wants a trendy condo in the heart of downtown DC; the other wants a big house an hour outside the city with a…

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buying with a baby

Buying with a Baby

Buying with a Baby If you’re expecting, here’s how to make sure your new home is ready for the baby! Buying a new home is an enormous and stressful decision at any time. But, if…

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To Buy or Not to Buy: Before You Say “I Do”

The time between the ring and the vows are likely some of the most exciting – and stressful – of your life to date. You’re planning a new life with someone you love, not to mention…

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