The Ultimate Guide to Moving to Alexandria

March 18, 2024 | Inside Alexandria | By: The Goodhart Group

Are you considering a move to Alexandria, Virginia? This charming city, steeped in history and brimming with culture, offers a plethora of attractions and reasons to call it home. From its rich heritage to its vibrant culinary scene, Alexandria has something for everyone. Let’s explore the best of what this city has to offer. Read on for the Ultimate Guide to Moving to Alexandria. 

**Why Move to Alexandria?**

Alexandria’s allure lies in its captivating blend of history, culture, and community. As one of the oldest cities in the United States, Alexandria boasts well-preserved architecture, cobblestone streets, and an abundance of historic sites. Its thriving arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, and welcoming community make it an ideal place to put down roots. Additionally, its convenient proximity to Washington, DC, makes commuting a breeze, offering easy access to the nation’s capital.

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**Best Restaurants:**

Alexandria has earned its reputation as a foodie city due to its diverse culinary scene, rich culinary traditions, and a community that appreciates and supports the art of dining. Here are a few reasons why Alexandria is considered a foodie haven:

  • **Diverse Dining Options:** Alexandria offers a wide array of dining options, from fine dining establishments to cozy cafes and everything in between. The city’s culinary landscape encompasses cuisines from around the world, catering to diverse palates and preferences.
  • **Farm-to-Table Philosophy:** Many restaurants in Alexandria embrace the farm-to-table philosophy, sourcing fresh, locally grown ingredients to create delectable dishes. This commitment to showcasing the best of local produce and flavors enhances the dining experience for residents and visitors alike.
  • **Historical Roots:** Alexandria’s culinary scene is intertwined with its rich history, as the city has been a hub of gastronomic innovation for centuries. From historic taverns to modern eateries, Alexandria’s dining establishments draw inspiration from the city’s storied past while embracing contemporary culinary trends.
  • **Supportive Community:** The community in Alexandria actively supports its local food scene, fostering a vibrant environment for chefs, restaurateurs, and food artisans to showcase their craft. This support contributes to a thriving culinary landscape that continuously evolves and excites the taste buds of food enthusiasts.
  • **Food Festivals and Events:** Alexandria hosts a variety of food festivals, farmers’ markets, and culinary events throughout the year, celebrating the city’s gastronomic delights and bringing together food lovers to indulge in a diverse range of flavors and cuisines.
  • **Waterfront Dining:** With its picturesque waterfront along the Potomac River, Alexandria offers a scenic backdrop for waterfront dining experiences. The combination of stunning views and exceptional cuisine creates a memorable dining atmosphere that adds to the city’s allure as a foodie destination.

Overall, Alexandria’s status as a foodie city is a reflection of its commitment to culinary excellence, celebration of local flavors, and a community that appreciates the art of dining. Whether residents are exploring the historic streets of Old Town or savoring innovative dishes at modern eateries, Alexandria offers a delightful culinary journey for food enthusiasts. Below are some of our favorites: 

– **The Majestic Cafe:** Step into the historic charm of The Majestic and indulge in classic American fare, perfect for a memorable dining experience. Our office is just across the street, so pop by and say hello!

– **Ada’s on the River:** With its waterfront location and delectable seafood, Ada’s offers a picturesque setting for a delightful meal.

– **Landini Brothers:** Immerse yourself in the flavors of Italy at Landini Brothers at this Old Town classic where authentic cuisine and a cozy ambiance await.

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**Best Cultural Attractions:**

– **George Washington’s Mount Vernon:** Delve into history at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, where you can explore the former president’s estate and revel in the beauty of its grounds.

– **Alexandria’s Waterfront:** Take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, dotted with charming boutiques, eateries, and breathtaking views of the Potomac River.

– **The Lyceum:** Uncover Alexandria’s past at The Lyceum, a history museum that offers engaging exhibits and programs, providing insight into the city’s heritage.

**Best Things to Do:**

– **Old Town Alexandria:** Lose yourself in the enchanting allure of Old Town, where cobblestone streets lead to an array of unique shops, art galleries, and historic landmarks.

– **Outdoor Activities:** Embrace the outdoors with recreational activities at local parks and along the scenic Mount Vernon Trail, offering stunning vistas of the Potomac River.

– **Events and Festivals:** Immerse yourself in the vibrant community spirit by partaking in Alexandria’s diverse events and festivals, such as the Alexandria Food & Wine Festival and the King Street Art Festival.

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As you ponder your next move, consider the irresistible charm of Alexandria. Its rich history, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine, and welcoming community make it a destination worth calling home. Whether you’re drawn to its historic sites, scenic waterfront, or lively events, Alexandria has something to offer every resident.

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