Is Alexandria Good for Commuters? Here’s What to Know!

September 7, 2023 | Lifestyle & Community | By: The Goodhart Group

If you’re considering relocating to the D.C. area, Alexandria should be high on your list. This historic city, with its charm and array of industries, is uniquely positioned to offer convenience to those who need to commute to work daily. Here’s why Alexandria might just be your dream location.

  1. Proximity to D.C.

Let’s begin with a vital point for many, Alexandria is one of the closest suburbs to Washington D.C. This makes the daily commute to the capital much less of a hassle. If your workplace is in D.C., living in Alexandria could be the ideal choice.

  1. Next Door to Amazon’s New HQ2

With Amazon opening its new headquarters in the vicinity (HQ2), there’s a growing need for accessible housing for its employees. Alexandria is perfectly poised to serve this demand. Besides Amazon, Alexandria boasts a range of industries, from tech startups to established governmental organizations. This means that even if you aren’t aiming to work at Amazon, there’s probably a job that aligns with your career goals in or near Alexandria.

  1. Accessibility to Major Highways

Driving through Alexandria can be both scenic and convenient. With main arteries like 395, 495, the George Washington (GW) Parkway, and Route 1 running through the city, getting in and out in any direction is relatively easy. 

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  1. Public Transit Options

If you prefer public transit, you’re in luck, Alexandria offers several options including the public metro and bus. Metro Stops: The city is well connected with various metro stops (King St, Braddock Road, Eisenhower Ave, Van Dorn St, Huntington), ensuring you can quickly get to your destination without the need for a car. Bus Services: The bus system in Alexandria is reliable and connects to both local and D.C. routes, adding another layer of convenience for commuters.

  1. The George Washington Parkway Bike Path

For those who are eco-conscious or simply enjoy cycling, the GW Parkway Bike Path is a blessing. It offers a scenic, efficient, and environmentally-friendly route for those commuting to work in Arlington or DC on two wheels.

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  1. Neighborhoods Tailored for Commuters

Certain neighborhoods in Alexandria are particularly commuter-friendly: 

Old Town: Known for its historical charm, Old Town is also a hub for restaurants, shops, and is close to the King Street Metro, making daily commutes a breeze. On the North end you are just a couple of stoplights to the City, and on the south end you are convenient to 495.

Del Ray: A community-driven neighborhood that boasts accessibility to both the Braddock Road and Potomac Yard metro stations. 

Rosemont: Between Old Town and Del Ray, this walkable neighborhood offers accessibility to both the King Street and Braddock Road metro stations. 

Beverley Hills: This charming neighborhood also happens to be super convenient to I-395 for a quick commute into DC.

Belle Haven/Belle View/Huntington: These neighborhoods offer access to the Hunginton metro, and are also close to the GW parkway trail and conveniently located for easy access to I-495. 

Eisenhower Valley: This neighborhood is close to the Eisenhower Metro Station, and its proximity to the Capital Beltway makes it a top choice for drivers.

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The Bottom Line:

For those looking to relocate to a commuter-friendly area near D.C., Alexandria stands out as a top choice. With a combination of road networks, public transit, and even cycling paths, the city caters to all commuting needs. Factor in the variety of industries and the undeniable charm of its neighborhoods, and it’s easy to see why Alexandria is a beacon for commuters.


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