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Spruce Up Your Backyard for Summer – 7 Easy Ways!

June 14, 2021 | Love Where You Live | By: The Goodhart Group

Spruce Up Your Backyard for Summer –

7 Easy Ways!

Looking for ways to spruce up your backyard for the summer months? We’ve got you covered!

The summer is the time to be outside in your backyard with family and friends. If it’s been awhile since you last gave your backyard some attention, here’s are some great and easy ways to spruce it up for this summer.


Firepits are becoming increasingly popular for backyards everywhere. They are great for making s’mores or just gathering with a group of friends. Check out this easy guide on how to build a firepit in your backyard. Or you can buy one online or at most outdoors stores.

Succulent Garden

Succulents are everywhere nowadays, both indoors and outdoors. These plants are very popular for people who don’t like gardening or just don’t have a lot of time to care for their plants. Research which ones are best for where you plan to grow them (ones that do not need a lot of light, bigger/smaller plants, etc).

Giant Jenga

People have been playing Jenga for almost 50 years, and today’s families love still it! Some people have taken the game to the next level and created a larger version made out of bigger pieces of wood. The larger version of this game is great to play outside on a deck or patio. We found how here to build your own bigger version of the game.

Skateboard Swing

As kids get older, they start to outgrow their playset. A skateboard swing gives them a little more freedom and a bigger adrenaline rush, while still remaining safe. It’s a perfect way to update a playground for children who are getting older.

String Lights Canopy

A string light canopy is a great way to add some more light and character to your backyard. There are so many different ways and styles to arrange the lights. These canopies look very festive for entertaining — and allow you stay outside for longer. Click here for a tutorial on creating one in your yard.

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

The best fruits and vegetables are the ones that you grow yourself! You’d be surprised how much produce you can grow in an 8’ x 10’ raised bed. Plus, these gardens are fairly easy to maintain. Gardening is a great activity for parents and kids to do together. Learn more here or if you’re a total beginner, here’s a handy comprehensive guide to vegetable gardening.

Backyard Movie Theatre

All you need is a projector, white sheet, some comfy chairs, and a good movie and you have yourself an outdoor movie theater! Outdoor movies are always a hit! A family movie night outside is a delightful way to spend time with your family (and much cheaper than taking everyone to the movie theater).


Clear, summer nights are perfect to spend time with close family and friends and enjoy the great weather outdoors. Did we miss one of your great ideas on how to spruce up your backyard? Please let us know!

Need more ideas for summer fun? Here are lists of local things to do with kids this summer, as well as Alexandria pools and playgrounds!

If you need any recommendations for getting your home ready for summer, please let us know. We have an extensive list of contractors and vendors to share. Whether you need new windows, landscaping, or a handyman to install a ceiling fan, we can recommend someone for the job!

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