Selling an Inherited House

Client Case Study: Selling an Inherited House

July 12, 2017 | Client Case Study | By: The Goodhart Group

Selling an Inherited House


F was a dear friend of The Goodhart Group. Sue had been in discussions with her about finally retiring and downsizing from her home to a condo. Sadly, F passed away before she was able to make this move. The heirs, her two sons K&K, were left to determine the best way of selling an inherited house.


One of the brothers lives out of town. The other brother lives in the DC area, but not close to his mother’s house and did not have spare time to prepare and update his mother’s home before going on the market. While F’s house was in a very desirable neighborhood and well-maintained, it was too outdated to appeal to today’s buyers. The choice was to sell as is or to bring the home up to current standards.


The first step was to check with builders to see if the property might work as a “flip.” On the marketing side, we launched a “first to know” campaign to builders who we knew were looking for a project in this area.

Given what the builders were offering, we suggested that the brothers might gain more value by updating the house. They agreed.

Our team orchestrated the many steps needed to prepare F’s home ready for the market. We suggested companies that could handle an estate sale. We coordinated the estimate process with various contractors. Once the contractors were chosen, we then arranged for the work to be done. Our team monitored the progress on the home and relayed information between the contractors and the out of town brothers.

Once the work on the home was complete, we then coordinated the final touches, including staging services and window washing.


After the renovations and staging, F’s home looked fantastic and showed extremely well. We listed it in the typically slow month of January.

The home sold within three days at full list price.

We arranged for a quick settlement, which the brothers were able to do remotely.

K&K were happy with the outcome. They appreciated our team’s legwork and coordination in getting the home ready for sale during a difficult time for their family.

Helping out of town heirs selling an inherited house is one of our specialties. With our team approach, we are able to provide a wide range of services for situations like this one. If we can help you too, please contact us today!

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