Selling A Luxury Home

Selling A Luxury Home: Top 10 Things to Look for in A Realtor

May 1, 2023 | Selling Your Home | By: The Goodhart Group

Selling a luxury home? It is so important to use an experienced agent that understands the ins and outs of selling higher priced properties, especially when it comes to pricing and marketing. Read on for our top “musts” for finding a Realtor to sell your luxury home.  

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Find a Realtor who…

Understands the Market:

  • Sells similar homes. Review the agent’s past sales (The Goodhart Group solds as selling agent, The Goodhart Group solds as listing agent) and read any reviews that you can find. 
  • Understands luxury home pricing. Luxury homes tend to stay on the market longer than a lower-priced home. That said, priced right from the start, a luxury home does not have to sit, racking up the dreaded days on market (DOM)! A competitively-priced high-end property will attract buyers from the start. High DOM leads buyers to believe that there is something wrong with the house and therefore can bring a low offer.
  • Does their homework. To ensure the listing price is right, your Realtor should undertake an in-depth comparative market analysis (CMA), breaking down recent sales, touring other comparable luxury homes, and networking with agents who have recently sold similar homes. 

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Has an Excellent Marketing Strategy in Place:

  • Knows how to market lifestyle. A successful agent will know how to sell the luxury lifestyle and be able to market your pool, wine cellar, water views, walkability, and show their value.
  • Has access to national and international agents. Buyers of luxury homes often relocate from other states or countries. Be sure your chosen Realtor can tap into alternative markets and is also well connected with luxury agents across the country. At the Goodhart Group we have an extensive network of agents across the US and the world through Compass and our exclusive network at REALM, an exclusive group of top agents throughout the country including all brokerages. 
  • Creates upscale marketing materials, including brochures, digital ads, professional videos, and a dedicated website for your home. Marketing sells your home! You want to make sure your Realtor can show you examples of what type of marketing they do. 
  • Appreciates the importance of quality staging and photos. Staging doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in new furniture. In a luxury home, staging may mean changing how rooms work or setting up an alfresco meal on the back patio. An experienced luxury agent knows how to help potential buyers see themselves in the home. 

Understands your Buyer:

  • Understands a luxury buyer (in addition to the seller). The Realtor who can best sell your luxury home has a good feel for what potential buyers are looking for…au pair suites, gourmet kitchens, room to entertain, home gyms, smart home technology, show-stopping closets, to name just a few. 

Understands YOU the Seller:

  • Understands what you need. Your Realtor should make you, the seller, feel comfortable and heard. If you have any questions, your Realtor should be quick to respond and help you understand the process.  

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The Bottom Line

Not just any real estate agent can sell your home. An experienced Realtor is a must when selling a luxury home. Be sure your chosen Realtor has comparable sales, is well-connected in the local and global community, understands luxury home pricing, and offers high-quality staging and marketing.

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