Selling a Beloved Luxury Home

Client Case Study: Selling a Beloved Luxury Home

October 16, 2017 | Client Case Study | By: The Goodhart Group

Client Case Study: Selling a Beloved Luxury Home

The Client

J is a lovely client of ours. She had been living in the home she had raised her family in for nearly 30 years. The time had come for her to sell her beloved luxury home.

The Problem

J’s house had been on the market with another broker without much interest. After sitting for six months, she contact us for a meeting and subsequently re-listed it with The Goodhart Group.

How We Helped

We quickly got to work analyzing why the home didn’t sell. We found that while the home was beautiful, it did not appeal to the age group of people who were the most likely buyer. The home was also a unique property, so we had to play up the many factors that made it special.

Specifically, we:

  • we did a thorough market review and suggested a new, lower price, which the homeowner accepted;
  • arranged for comprehensive staging and improvements to the home, including
    • new light fixtures
    • minor changes in the kitchen that went a long way (changing out the pulls on cabinetry as well as replacing countertops and repainting in new neutral paint colors)
      removing carpeting to expose hardwood flooring
    • new staging furniture, chosen for its appeal to the home’s most likely buyer;
  • took new professional photos, including a unique twilight photo of the exterior;
  • shot a professional video of the client and her children speaking about what it was like to grow up in this unique home, highlighting its special qualities; and
  • undertook a public relations campaign that got the property picked up in several news articles around the country.

The Outcome

After we listed the home, showings picked up significantly and once again, The Goodhart Group got it sold! We were able to negotiate a flexible settlement date that allowed our client sufficient time to clear out her home and decide on her next steps.

The Bottom Line

If your home has been languishing on the market, take step back. Consult with an experienced Realtor with a proven marketing plan. A seasoned listing agent can help you determine what is not currently working and recommend tweaks that will get your home sold quickly.

Looking to sell your longtime, luxury home? Please reach out. It would be our pleasure to help you too.

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