Located in the Northwest quadrant of Old Town, the 40 block Parker-Gray district is one of two historic neighborhoods officially recognized by the City of Alexandria. The neighborhood takes its name from the Parker Gray School, which was opened in 1920 and was named for John Parker and Sarah Gray, late 19th-century Alexandria principals.

Parker-Gray District History

Parker-Gray has played a significant role in the history of Alexandria’s African-American community. The district became a haven for former slaves after the Civil War and served as a center of local African-American life in the 1950’s when racial segregation around town solidified Parker-Gray’s identify, then known as “Uptown.”

Parker-Gray District Real Estate

Today, Parker-Gray offers a mix of housing options, from historic buildings, including civil rights activist Samuel Tucker’s home, to brand new construction, including single family properties, condos and apartments in addition to its plentiful commercial options as well.

Parker-Gray District Favorites

Shopping, dining, and services abound in Parker-Gray. Mason Social offers a cocktail named for the neighborhood, the Parker-Gray, with house-infused earl grey Catoctin Creek rye, sweet vermouth, and bitters. Bastille’s menu features fine French fare such as escargot, coq au vin, or foie gras. Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Sugar Shack is famous for its amazing variety of sinful donuts (fresh peach ginger, blueberry lavender, Butterfinger, and even Fruit Loop-topped!) Parker-Gray is also home to some fabulous fitness studios, including SolidCore and Zweet Sport fitness studio.


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