Here's how to clean your washing machine

Fresh Start For Fall: Cleaning Your Washing Machine

October 1, 2021 | Love Where You Live | By: Allison

As part of making a fresh start for fall, we’ve been tackling a lot of little projects in our house. One of which, is giving a good clean to our washing machine!

If you haven’t given yours a good clean lately, I highly recommend it, especially if like ours, it was starting to develop a little mildew. Yikes!

Here’s how to clean your washing machine.

1) Make a paste with baking soda and bleach. The consistency will resemble toothpaste.

2) Apply paste to moldy areas around the rubber door seal, make sure to get into the folds (I definitely recommend wearing gloves for this part).

3) Let sit for 24 hours.

4) Scrub paste away with toothbrush or scrub brush. Run washer machine on empty to ensure bleach/baking soda mix has been completely removed before loading with clothes.

5) Tip to help prevent from happening again is to not completely close the door when loads have finished. Leave the door cracked open to allow airflow. Lesson learned!!

6) Enjoy your clean washing machine.

Here's how to clean your washing machineHere's how to clean your washing machine

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