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A Dog Friendly Neighborhood – The Five Key Signs

June 30, 2017 | Buying a Home | By: The Goodhart Group

A Dog Friendly Neighborhood –

The Five Key Signs

Are you looking for a dog friendly neighborhood? You’re not alone! If you’re in the 44% of American households with a dog and looking for a new neighborhood for you and your pooch to call home, read on!

When looking for a new home, be sure all members of the family are taken into consideration, especially the furry, four-legged ones. If you’re moving to a new neighborhood, you’ll want to make certain it is dog friendly. Here are five key things to look for when scouting for a new dog friendly neighborhood.

Other Dogs

See lots of other dogs around? This point is key! Lots of dogs out and about tells you that most neighbors will be dog-friendly and understand the occasional, unnecessary barking or loose puppy. You may even see people walking their dogs together, which usually indicates a close-knit community of fellow dog lovers.

Pet Friendly Establishments

If a business has a water bowl set out or a shop has dog treats by the front door, it’s safe to say that there are many other dog owners in the community and that establishments welcome these furry friends. Pups may even be permitted in restaurants and shops. Old Town Alexandria’s Jackson 20 restaurant takes it even further, offering a Tuesday night “Yappy Hour” for locals and their pups!

Proximity of Services

You want to be sure that if anything ever happens to your dog, you can quickly give him or her the necessary care. Whether you run out of food or your dog breaks a leg, it’s important that key services are close by. Check out where the closest veterinarian, emergency animal hospital, kennel, dog walkers, and pet supply store are located.

Safe Places to Walk

Walking your dog on the road can be downright scary! Sidewalks are a must for you and your pup, especially if you walk at night or the street lighting is poor. Sidewalks will make your outings with Fido far more enjoyable. An added bonus: A dog friendly neighborhood can even have special dog stations with plastic bags and garbage cans on almost every block!

Open Space

Check to see if there is a local park, field, or dog run within walking distance, where your pup can run freely. Dogs need to be able to burn off their energy, so nearby open space is a must for a dog friendly neighborhood! You will likely meet plenty of other dog owners there, which is a great way to befriend your new neighbors. Click here for a list of Alexandria dog parks.

The most difficult member of your family to find the right neighborhood for could very easily be your dog. There are so many factors that could make the right neighborhood for you, the absolute wrong one for your pal. Make sure you keep your beloved pup in mind when you are out looking at neighborhoods!

For more general tips on house hunting with pets, click here.

Thinking about making a move? We would love to help you AND your pal find the perfect dog friendly neighborhood! Reach out today, even if you’re not quite ready. We are happy to talk you about your options.

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