Getting Organized in the Kitchen

April Tip of the Month: Getting Organized in the Kitchen

It’s that time of year again!  What time of year you may ask? It’s one we here at The Goodhart Group (well some of us) look forward to: Spring Cleaning! If you struggle with getting…


Easter Egg Hunts in Alexandria & Beyond | The Goodhart Group

Easter Egg Hunts in Alexandria & Beyond

Easter Egg Hunts in Alexandria VA & Surrounding It’s that time of year! Easter is fast approaching and families throughout the area are looking for entertainment the whole family can enjoy… from egg hunts to…


military move to washington, dc

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Military Move to Washington, DC

Moving to DC is not like any other military move. Here are a few things I wish I knew before my PCSing and military move to Washington, DC.   1. Your lifestyle is driven by your…


March Tip of the Month – Cleaning Your Windows & Screens

The weather is slowly starting to warm up, which means spring cleaning is almost upon us! For those who took screens out for the winter, it’s time to pull them back out of storage. FIRST,…


How to Pay Your Mortgage Down Faster | The Goodhart Group

Top 3 Ways How to Pay Your Mortgage Down Faster

Top 3 Ways How to Pay Your Mortgage Down Faster While Growing Equity In Your Home!   In order to fully understand how to pay your mortgage down faster, it’s helpful to understand your relationship…


How to Avoid Frozen Pipes

How to Avoid Frozen Pipes: February Tip of the Month

The best way to avoid frozen and burst pipes is a good old dose of prevention! Here’s how to avoid frozen pipes this winter.


smart appliances

The Latest and Greatest in Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are hotter than ever and truly changing the way homeowners are keeping house! From laundry to cooking, from cleaning to watching TV, there is a smart appliance to make your life easier.


Winter Ice Damage Your Home

January Tip of the Month – Don’t Let Winter Ice Damage Your Home!

Don't let winter ice damage your home! While they may look beautiful, icicles and ice dams cause major roof and water issues and can be extremely dangerous.