Our Top Reasons to Live in Beverley Hills

Our Top Ten Reasons to Live in Beverley Hills

February 8, 2022 | Lifestyle & Community | By: The Goodhart Group

If you are looking for that perfect blend of walkability, easy access to downtown yet with quiet, tree-lined streets, look no further than the Alexandria neighborhood of Beverley Hills, located just off of 395. This charming, early 20th-century neighborhood, offers classic architecture, friendly neighbors, and walkability. What more could you ask for? Well, here are a few more reasons to love where you live, Beverley Hills edition!

Access to Major Highways

One of Beverley Hill’s most touted features is its easy access to 395. Beverley Hills is just a quick short trip on Gunston or Glebe Road to 395, much closer than Rosemont or Del Ray. This makes it easy to head north into DC or south to other parts of Alexandria.

Beautiful Hills and Landscape

The hallmark of the community is its mature trees, mainly oaks, and dogwoods, which are abundant in Beverley Hills thanks to its builder and early residents who recognized the importance of keeping its natural landscape. Few homes in their original footprint are available as most homes have been expanded or converted the small garages into living spaces.

Convenient to Dining and Entertainment

Those in Beverley Hills can stroll to nearby Shirlington for dinner, enjoy happy hour at the many restaurants, or see a show at Signature Theater. The shops and restaurants of Del Ray, the Fairlington Shopping Center, and the Bradlee Centre are also an easy walk or a very short drive away. Old Town, the Pentagon, and Crystal City are all just five minutes away by car.

 Beverley Hills Streets

Welcoming Neighbors

Beverley Hills residents are known to be super welcoming and always wave and say hello to their fellow neighbors. If a tight-knit, welcoming community is what you’re looking for, then Beverley Hills is probably for you.

Tree-Lined Streets

The tall, beautiful trees make Beverley Hills feel like an immaculate forest outside of the big city. Residents of the community have a big appreciation and connection to the beautiful natural growth of wildlife in the neighborhood.

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Quiet Streets 

While some folks love the hustle and bustle of places like Old Town and Del Ray, Beverley Hills is a bit on the quieter side with less traffic and folks driving through like other neighborhoods. If you’d rather have a neighborhood on the quieter end of things, but still close to the action, Beverley Hills might be for you.

Walkable Streets

Beverley Hills is easy walking distance to several other neighborhoods like Del Ray, Fairlington, and Shirlington. It’s super easy to walk to the local parks and other popular outdoor areas close by.

Variety of Architecture

Charm abounds in Beverley Hills! Unlike some neighborhoods where you may see only one type of house, Beverley Hills has quite a variety. There are colonials, split-levels, ranchers, bungalows, Tudors, and more.

An Active Community

The neighborhood is so friendly that kids and neighbors leave their toys there for everyone to share! A local civic association also hosts several community events such as a Santa visit, a Christmas tree sale, and National Night Out. Memorial Day weekend brings “Wheel Day” to Beverley Hills, a parade of bikes and skateboards that wind through the neighborhood.

The Pit

Families with kids love “The Pit,” the neighborhood’s well-known playground. The neighborhood is so friendly that kids and neighbors leave their toys there for everyone to share! The Pit, renovated in 2017, features a large playground, nature play area, grass, and plenty of seating for adults.

The Pit - Beverley Hills

If you’d like to learn more about Beverley Hills or take one of our neighborhood orientation tours, please reach out. We’d love to introduce you to this charming Alexandria neighborhood!


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