Top Five Trends for the Covid Era Home

Top Five Trends for the Covid Era Home

December 9, 2020 | Love Where You Live | By: Allison

Our lives have seen many changes since Covid-19 hit; one of the most significant being how much more time we’ve been spending at home. While I could argue many pros and cons associated with more time spent at home, one thing that’s indisputable is that we’ve all realized how important it is to love where you live. The last several months have shaken up the typical rhythm of the real estate market. We’ve seen some major shifts in how our clients prioritize their wish lists. So, what have we seen emerge as the “must-have” home trends in the Covid world? Read on!

THE PELOTON ROOM:  One of the first trends we saw when the pandemic hit was our clients adding a Peloton room or space to their home wish list. Of course, this wish can extend to a workout room in general, though that is often more specific to clients searching in larger suburban areas. But across the board, from condos to townhomes and single-family homes, the majority of clients are looking for a quiet corner to workout and recharge, whether that’s room for a Top Five Trends for the Covid Era HomePeloton, a few weights, or yoga and meditation. 

MULTIPLE WORKSPACES: Pre-pandemic, we often saw a request for a dedicated home office space. Typically, our clients were okay if this “office” was a corner of a basement, as long as there was somewhere to install a printer and a computer. Now, with most people still working from home and the potential for more remote work in the future, we often have requests for two dedicated office spaces, as well as a homework area for kids. Guest spaces have become less important; many people have opted to create a nice office in what would have previously been a guest room (while just adding a pull-out sofa or custom Murphy bed for the occasional visitor).

OUTDOOR SPACE & LETTING THE OUTDOORS IN: This one is KEY and explains why the DC condo market has slowed considerably while the rest of the housing market has picked up throughout the DMV. We’ve seen a variety of requests in this category. Many clients this year were looking for pools, some for outdoor kitchens, but most just for “more” outdoor space than they have currently. When parks and playgrounds closed, clients were seeking space for the kids and pets to play outside. For others, it was room to entertain friends safely outside during the pandemic. Often, clients just want to escape the confines of the four walls of the house where they were suddenly spending all of their time working, living, and playing. We’ve also seen an increase in people wanting to bring the outdoors into their homes with larger windows and uninterrupted outdoor views. Sunlight has always topped our clients’ wish lists, but with being home more, especially during a difficult year, having naturally-lit rooms has become even more important. This is especially important for the areas where our clients are spending the most time during the day. 

Top Five Trends for the Covid Era Home

FOOD & PRODUCT STORAGE: With everyone home (especially at the beginning of the pandemic), we saw a desire for more food storage. This means larger refrigerators and stand-alone freezers or additional refrigerators, pantry space and “Costco Closets” for storing hoards of toilet paper and paper towels! Similarly, we’ve heard complaints of dishwashers always being full with everyone home, so we’ve had clients with their eye out for double dishwashers or room to put an additional one in down the line. 

ELEVATING YOUR EVERYDAY HABITS & HOBBIES: Without many of our old daily habits like stopping at Starbucks on the way to work or popping into a wine bar for a drink with friends on the way home, people are looking to upgrade their at-home habits. That means dedicated space for a fun coffee station, wine fridges, or turning unused spaces into wine cellars. People are seeking more “dedicated spaces” these days. While the open concept is far from dead, we are seeing a desire for some more private and closed off areas, away from the rest of their family! This space could be an office or workout space as mentioned above or a secondary TV/movie watching room. 

Of course, everyone’s home needs are different and based on the unique circumstances of their lives, livelihood, and family. But, everyone is searching for the same thing; a place to call home that embodies their lifestyle and will allow them to live who they are most authentically and comfortably. If you have any questions about how to prepare your home to sell in the Covid-era, or want to chat about upgrading your home through renovation or a move to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always here to help!