The Advantages of the Compass Pricing Tour

May 23, 2024 | Inside Scoop | By: The Goodhart Group

What is the Compass Pricing Tour?

The Compass Pricing Tour takes place once a week and allows local Compass agents to tour your home and give us their price opinions.  They may also offer insights on updates that would improve the selling price. It is an excellent way for sellers to showcase their home to local Compass agents before the home hits the market, sometimes resulting in a pre-market sale. 

How it Benefits Our Sellers

  • Testing the Price: There may be times when there are few recent sales that compare to your home.  We can determine if there is a market at that price by giving a list price that might be a stretch.
  • Strategic Positioning: Having local agents tour the property who are familiar with the local market and current pricing trends helps sellers make informed decisions about the optimal listing price. Strategic pricing will attract potential buyers and maximize the property’s visibility, ultimately leading to a quicker and more successful sale.
  • Pre-Market Exposure: When local agents can tour your property in person, they can better assess whether it will be a fit for their clients. 

How it Benefits Our Buyers

  • Exposure to Off-Market Properties: Some of the properties on the pricing tour are also in the Compass Private Exclusive program (read more about the advantages of our Private Exclusive program here). However, others are only listed on the pricing tour sheet and are not in PE. By watching the properties listed in the upcoming pricing tours, we further expand the list of available properties to show our clients. Many homes on the pricing tour are open to selling before they hit the market, which is especially beneficial in a competitive market.

In conclusion, the Compass Pricing Tour is a game-changer in real estate pricing. Sellers can confidently price their homes by leveraging the insights the Pricing Tour provides. It gives sellers an extra advantage by getting experienced eyes on the home pre-market so agents can begin selling the house.  It also allows us to see more inventory that isn’t on the market to help our buyers get ahead.


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