preparing closing

Preparing for Closing

Settlement, or closing, day is a big day! While your agent and the title company will handle everything behind the scenes, you need to prepare as well. You will need to bring a few items…

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Decoding the Real Estate Contract

REAL ESTATE CONTRACT EXPLAINED In our market, any offer for sale is made up of the basic body of the contract, any addenda or contingencies to the contract, plus any required disclosures. While not the…

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home inspections

Everything You Need to Know about Home Inspections

While we realize this might not be the most riveting of our articles, it is without a doubt one of the most important. Not having an understanding of how home inspections work can literally leave…

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money selling home

How much money will you get when you sell your home?

Let’s cut to the chase. The #1 thing on all sellers’ minds is how much money from selling your home they will get. SO, here’s the basic equation… Sales Price – {Seller Closing Costs + Loan…

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Bonus! Save a month of rent when you buy.

Here’s the skinny on paying a mortgage vs. rent. Did you know that when purchasing a home or condo, you will have a bit of a breather before writing your first mortgage check? This is…

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