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Preparing for Closing

September 2, 2016 | Buying a Home | By: The Goodhart Group

Settlement, or closing, day is a big day! While your agent and the title company will handle everything behind the scenes, you need to prepare as well. You will need to bring a few items and make some arrangements in advance of the closing.


Buyers: You will need to either bring a certified check or wire the funds. If you plan to wire the funds, please speak with your financial institution to determine which day you need to initiate the wire in order to guarantee the funds will be there. You will need to request the wire instructions from the settlement company. Also, be also be sure to call the settlement company the day prior to closing to ensure they have received the funds.

Please note: The Goodhart Group will never send you wiring instructions! If you receive instructions from what looks to be a member of our team, please notify us immediately.

Sellers: You should bring a voided check or wiring instructions for the title company to send your proceeds. Or, if you need to bring money to the table, please bring a certified check or wire the funds in advance, as outlined above.



Bring your driver’s license, military ID, or passport to closing. Ensure that your ID says you are who you say you are!



Buyers: If for some reason your lender miscalculates the final amount due by a small amount, you can write a personal check for the difference. The good news is that most lenders overestimate, so it is possible you will walk away with a check of your own!  



A few days (or more) BEFORE closing, please be sure to make sure utilities are transferred to the buyer’s name. The utilities should officially transfer to the buyer the day following settlement (or if there is a rent back, the day following the last day of the rent back). Click here for our handy guide on changing over utilities in our area. We recommend both buyer and seller contacting the utility companies.



The settlement itself usually takes about one hour for buyers and about 30 minutes for sellers. A member of our team will attend settlement with you and be on hand to answer any question you may have or deal with any last minute issues that arise.


As always, if you need more information, please reach out. We are always available to answer any questions you may have on closing or any stage of the buying or selling process.

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