Where are the summer buyers?

June 16, 2016 | Buying a Home | By: Allison

Trying to sell your house or buy a new home in the summer? Don’t fret!

Now that Memorial Day weekend has come and gone, it’s time to focus our attention on the infamous “Summer Buyer.” The market shift to the Summer Buyer is a phenomenon that changes each year and one that many Real Estate Agents never fully grasp. Most people believe that once the spring market closes, summer vacation begins and the real estate market goes into hibernation.

Our experience could not be more different! Last year we worked non-stop into August , especially showing properties to active buyers. It is hard to predict what summer 2016 will bring. We do think some buyers and sellers may hold off until after the November presidential election, but many are still out there eager to buy.

Our years of experience have shown that buyers do not go away over the summer; neither should sellers! The slower summer months are no reason to take a vacation from your real estate goals. In our area, government and military jobs often bring summer transitions. Very often, we see new buyers coming into the area hoping to get settled prior to fall and the start of school. Be on the lookout for these buyers; make sure that your real estate professional is marketing your listing accordingly. Also, understand that some Summer Buyers may be more apt to take their time and explore their options.

The summer market should not change your mentality about taking the appropriate steps to get your home sold.

During the summer, it is critical to listen to a real estate professional regarding tips to show your home. Summer heat brings scorching temperatures, humidity, bugs, and odors. Your home should be crisp, fresh, and cool in order to create a refuge the buyer will not forget.

If you are a buyer who did not have luck in the spring market, summer is not the time to give up. The summer offers the perfect chance to expand your horizons and see homes that you may not have viewed in the spring. New listings will continue to come on the market each week. As spring buyers move into settlement phase, you now have the opportunity to submit an offer with less competition. Try to avoid waiting until the fall when more buyers re-enter the market. Take a vacation this summer – but not one from finding your dream home!

To talk about if this summer is the right time for you to buy or sell, feel free to contact us by phone, text or e-mail. We are always happy to help!